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In a city like Hollywood, you’ll discover more than just its people. It’s the organizations, groups and government that create the unique culture. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce just celebrated their 90th year in 2011 and have over 850 members. Founded in 1921, The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has worked tirelessly with local and national organizations to provide a variety of services for the people of Hollywood.

As a supporter of Social Media Week Los Angeles, we interviewed one of the Chamber’s reps to give you the up to date information on who they are and how they’re involved in social media.

Tell us a little about The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has been around since 1921. Our purpose is to promote and enhance the business, cultural and civic well-being of the greater Hollywood community. To be successful, the Chamber acts at the local, state, and federal levels of government to develop and support specific proposals for action, and oppose legislative and regulatory efforts that do not support these principles.

What makes Hollywood Chamber of Commerce different from other cities?

The Hollywood Chamber offers a broad spectrum of benefits which include assisting the community, creating a strong economy, networking and promoting businesses, political and legislative action, and promoting Hollywood all of which that help make Hollywood a better place to live, work, and play! We are a large chamber with over 850 members. Chamber events are different then other chambers and are always held at new, hip, and trendy places. Our website gets over 200,000 unique hits a month, this heavy traffic gives our chamber and members high visibility.

What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of being on a chamber for the city?

I believe the most challenging parts are dealing with the wide range of issues that a chamber has to address. These issues span from legislative to economic. However our chamber has a great team that tackles these important issues by meeting regularly and staying in touch with our surrounding community.

The most rewarding parts are when I see members connect and help one another. Also when I see that the resources and tools that the chamber provides helps one of our members prosper their business.

What’s your preferred social media presence and why?

The Hollywood Chamber and Walk of Fame use Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with the community. These sites also help us reach out beyond our community to a world audience. They allocate information rapidly and broadly something that was not possible before social media.

What are you most looking forward to this year at SMWLA?

We are looking forward to learning of all the new ways our chamber can utilize social media to grow our social networks in addition, learning more about social media marketing and how to expand that at our chamber. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce wants to encourage members that don’t use social media to do so by providing workshops to teach them. We held a Social Media Workshop earlier this year that taught our members invaluable social media strategies and practices that helped with time management and to build interpersonal online business relationships.

Social Media Week’s theme for 2012 is “Empowering Change through Collaboration.” How are you seeing that play out in LA specifically and within the entertainment industry overall?

We can attest to our “commitment through collaboration” by way of our 2012 Entertainment Summit which is taking place on Sept 16 at the new Loews Hotel.  We will be focusing on a variety of topics that are critical to the entertainment industry. The Walk of Fame is one of the most iconic features of our city’s landscape. Has social media affected the city landscape, as well? Yes, it is has inspired us to create live streaming, which launched this past Tuesday with the Ellen DeGeneres star!

What are some upcoming events hosted by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce?

Some upcoming events are the Councilmember LaBonge Luncheon, Entertainment Conference, Police and Firefighters Appreciation BBQ, Holiday Toy Drive, and Monthly Networking Mixers at key venues in the area.

Like the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, there are plenty of ways to get involved in SMWLA. For more information on some of our partners, check out our Sponsors and Partners page.

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