Sports Are All About Sharing, and SMWLA is Ready To Break Down What That Means For Social

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As a sports fan, I’ve always found that watching the game alone is never as much fun as watching it with some buds and some Buds, whether that be in a living room or at a bar. Sports fandom is built around the shared experience of rooting for a team or gawking at awesome feats of athletic ability. In the past, this sharing has been done between the thousands of fans who pack stadiums every day to watch their favorite players take the field. With social media so readily available, it makes perfect sense that this community has been extended to millions of fans around the globe.

Several events at Social Media Week Los Angeles will break down the important and widespread use of social platforms starting with a keynote address by NFL Digital Media head Jeff Berman followed by a panel on the rise of social ticketing platforms like TicketMobWasserman Media Group‘s panel will break down how social data shapes new and existing fan experiences. Just to spice things up, they’re bringing in Dewayne Hankins, the Director of New Media for the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, who happened to have a pretty good marketing opportunity come their way this year.  Steve Berra, skateboarder and adept user of social media, spills his secrets in a panel on action sports.  My guess is that there are some concrete ways that individual sports are marketed differently compared to team sports, and attending both this and the hockey panel would be a good way to test that.

If you’re a winter sports fans, be sure to check out the collaborative event between Burton Snowboarding and Nokia, titled ‘Brand and Brand‘. Representatives from both companies will explore how highly social brand partnerships in sports marketing can apply the strengths of separate brands to create a mighty force.  This will be followed by an afterparty at The Spare Room inside the Roosevelt Hotel, wrapping up Tuesday’s full slate of sports-related activities. Should be a good place to wind down with fellow sports marketing aficionados.  It’s a full slate of sports discussion here at Social Media Week, and if you can pry yourself away from the Dodgers’ playoff chase, you should come down and check it out.


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