Are You Awesome Enough To Be At The Pool?

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Looking for a running partner?  How about a fellow AI researcher?  Or perhaps someone to check out the Scavenger Hunt hosted by Nokia and LA Weekly  at the Egyptian Theatre during Social Media Week?

At The Pool is a new online social site that introduces you to people you share something in common with, once a day.  Users join pools based on a love of shared activities like: sports, theatre, or that new thing that you really want to do but that you’re too chicken to try alone.  The Pool algorithm uses that info and combines it with your location, history and interests and introduces you to someone nearby.

Cooper Harris, a former model and actress turned tech geek, has been playing around at The Pool for a few weeks now.  It’s how she met her new friend Gary. Like her, Gary was vetted on his “awesomeness” before he was recommended as someone the site thought she “should know”.  Gary went along to Cooper’s first UX  Meetup – that’s user experience for all you non tech geeks.  Although it sounds like a date, the site isn’t intended for dating.

Alex Capecelatro came up with the concept because he was frustrated trying to find someone to go road biking with near his alma mater the University of Connecticut. The Los Angeles based entrepreneur had used sites like Facebook and Meetup but didn’t like the idea of using Craigslist or dating sites. With an early seed investment from serial entrepreneur David Carter, he built his own.

At The Pool plans to release more pools based on interests and cities this year.  For now, it’s by invitation only for awesome Angelenos.  That is unless you use the special code reserved for social media types: SMWLA.  Check it out at  For more info on the scavenger hunt or for other events happening during #SMWLA, check out


Kim Kuhteubl

Producer, Hildegard Media


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