How To Reach A Million People Without Even Trying

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by Amanda MacNaughton

Attaining viral reach on social networks is the Holy Grail for digital marketers. Companies like GM and Pepsi spend millions of dollars to secure digital eyeballs, but what if you could reach a million people without even trying?

The human brain has a compulsion for knowledge, and when you read an intriguing sentence passing through your Twitter stream or flowing by on your Facebook wall – more times than not, you’ll probably stop, pause and click. Time and time again, it’s the use of The Unexpected that catches your attention and makes it stick.*

We all know it’s not easy to reach a million people, so when you read a statement, like the title of this blog post, stating that it is, your mind can barely control itself – you have to know! Stop, pause and click. I gotcha.

There are several formulas that can help you reach a large audience on social. First, start with Customers Who Care (CWC). The CWC influence their friends and followers with updates about their favorite flavor of Baskin Robbins ice cream or why the Lakers won’t lose now that Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant are on the same team. (GO purple and gold!). Customers who care about your brand are the customers who drive the needle. They are your brand advocates and ambassadors – the mouthpieces for your brand on social.

Secondly, if you want something to spread, it sure as heck better be interesting (this is when The Unexpected comes in). Take the current contest PromoJam is powering for Social Media Week and Nokia. For a limited time, fans have the chance to enter to win tickets to see the popular songstress Janelle Monae perform live at Club Nokia – get this – FOR FREE! Wait a minute. A completely FREE concert – at Club Nokia? It’s almost too good to be true. But guess what, it is true! Stop, pause and click. We gotcha. (BTW Click HERE TO ENTER NOW)

Or how about the exciting mobile campaign PromoJam is powering for Virgin America and Rock The Vote? For the first time in our history, you can now register to vote for the President of America from your mobile phone while flying 35,000 feet in the air on any Virgin America plane in the USA. Inflight voter registration – why not? (Read about it in Fast Company.)

Take Bonnie Raitt’s advice, and give’em “Something to Talk About.” Be interesting, be unexpected. You’ll probably surprise yourself with how far your message will spread. And always remember, you’ll know it’s working when you get them to stop, pause and click. Good job – you got’em.

*Recommended reading: “Made to Stick” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Amanda is the Co-Founder and CMO of PromoJam – a leading enterprise Social Marketing Platform that provides businesses a full suite of tools to easily build, launch, track, and promote social media promotions across multiple social networks, both online and on the mobile phone. With Amanda’s strategic direction, PromoJam has amassed an array of blue chip clients including: NBC Universal, The North Face, Clear Channel Radio, Warner Bros Pictures, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Pearl Jam. Prior to starting PromoJam, Amanda ran Public Relations for W Hotel’s entire West Coast division, built opened and operated the Los Angeles offices of THINK PR, and worked with premier companies across entertainment, fashion, consumer products and more. Amanda is an innovative thinker with over a decade of PR and Marketing experience.

Follow her on Twitter @AmandaMalia


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