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In 2000, the founder and CEO, Juan Benavides came up with the “crazy” idea to have freestanding, customizable photo booths that shared photos in real time online. We sat down for a quick chat with Juan to learn more about the brand and his plans for the week.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an inventor.

What was your first job, and how did you get it?

I worked as an Aerospace Engineer for Iberia in Spain. It was an internship that I applied for.

Did you start the company alone?

I started with 10 other partners that shared my vision and were excited about the opportunity in the year 2000.

What was the goal behind Keshot?

Provide a service that would allow people to share an experience as an image of themselves via email – an email photo booth.

How many people are on the Keshot team today?


Where are your affiliates located?

NY, Miami, Vegas, Boston, Toronto, México City, Monterrey in México, Argentina, Spain, Honduras, Colombia.

What activations have you done in the past that have been most fun/successful? 

One of our clients, a luxury car brand, hosted an event for the launch of the two new versions of a car model of theirs. Photo booth users recorded videos in pair of friends; two videos per couple were entered into a contest. Each pair of friends recorded video answering questions about the other. The video with the most votes won a car lease for a year for each friend. It was hilarious seeing it all play out, and become a huge success at the event and virally.

Your new “augmented reality” feature is pretty cool. Can you tell us more about it?

Augmented reality takes a specific view of the world and modifies it. In actuality, Augmented Reality is closer to computer-mediated reality than it is to Virtual Reality. Meaning it has the ability to add to, remove from, and generally manipulate a person’s perception of reality by using wearable computers or hand-held devices, like smart phones.

With the technology used for augmented reality, any information about the real world, according to the user, becomes interactive and manipulated. When the environment is controlled, the augmentation options are endless. With head-mounted displays and virtual retinal displays, users are able to manipulate their reality in ways never thought imaginable.

What part of Social Media Week are you most interested in?

Besides getting to network with people in the industry, and mingle with fellow social media enthusiasts, I am most interested in learning the social sharing and branded content discussion. There are so many things that we can learn from one another at this conference, and I plan on doing both; teaching and learning.

What are your hopes for social media?

I hope that it helps improving our sense of connected in our lives to make us closer to each other.

Want to learn more about Keshot? Be sure to stop by the Social Tech Hub at io/LA during the week to try out the photo booth!

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