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The Huffington Post calls Freshwire’s CEO, Shawn Amos a “custodian of pop culture”.  Over his varied career, he’s been entrusted with the musical legacies of icons Quincy Jones, Herb Alpert, Solomon Burke and dozens of heritage artists. Shawn has also produced albums for the Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Phil Spector protégée, Darlene Love and Comedy Central broadcasts for the Upright Citizens Brigade.  He joins Social Media Week every morning over breakfast in our Social Tech Hub at io/LA to give us a rundown of the days hottest events and interview special guests about cutting edge movements in social media.

What’s the inspiration behind Freshwire?  Who do you serve?

We help businesses and brands navigate the new digital waters and take advantage of all the opportunities that social media and digital content offer in terms of promotion, brand-building and sales.

You use the lyric “Brothers and sisters, this is how it was” to tell the company story.  What’s the significance of this lyric for you?  

It’s a helpful way for me to remember we’re all connected — in a more meaningful way than simply collecting Facebook friends. It’s what drives me to content in the first place — the ability to share stories and our common experience.

Tell me about your series :60SSM.  Where is it distributed?

60 Seconds of Social Media is our weekly video series, covering topics based on current events in social and digital media and digging a little deeper into history and current statistics, in a way that’s accessible to the casual, non-techie fan. We’ve added several new segments recently, including pieces on new start-ups, Twitter infamy, social good works, and more. We distribute via our own networks and to partners like The Huffington Post and ClearVision, which delivers content to over 250 airports worldwide.

Freshwire uses innovative ways to present and highlight their clients brands.  Can you describe a campaign that was particularly successful and why?

One recent success was our “Going for Gold” infographic, created for Lear Capital, one of the top precious metals investment firms in the nation. Pegged to the Summer 2012 Olympic Games, we illustrated the value of gold and silver metals, highlighting Lear’s expertise in gold and silver as well as maximizing the potential for media interest. “Going for Gold” was an instant hit with pickups across multiple social media channels and major media outlets generating over 40MM impressions.

Experts tell us that no video is inherently viral, do you agree or disagree?  What are some of the key seeding platforms you believe brand marketers should use?

Agree. It seems like we hear about new video distribution platforms and services weekly, each offering to help make your video go viral. But there really isn’t one solution that fits everyone. Whether you’re seeding video yourself or paying a company to do it, you really need to consider the type of video you’re promoting and the goal of your campaign. And above all, make sure you’re putting out a quality video!

What’s your favorite social platform and why?

It’s hard to pick one favorite because they each have so much to offer. Personally, I’ve enjoyed watching LinkedIn grow their platform and services over the past year or so. I think it will become a major area for companies – at the very least, professional services – to promote themselves and generate leads.

One of our themes during this year’s Social Media Week LA is culture and lifestyle.  How you do think social media will shape that landscape going forward?

I think it’s changed so much and is continually changing that it’s hard to see sometimes, unless you take a step back and think about where we are versus even 4 or 5 years ago. A new site like Pinterest, with no obvious business model, could revolutionize e-commerce. Looking at politics, especially at the presidential level, social media is now an integral part of the campaign season. Medicine, advertising, travel, sports – it would be hard to pinpoint an area in our lives that hasn’t incorporated social media in some major way. Ultimately, it’s about giving consumers more opportunities to speak their mind, more choices and more ways to connect with each other and with the brands they love.

Every Freshwire Daily Brief is different, so be sure to check in at 9 am September 24-28 at io/LA.

Kim Kuhteubl

Producer, Hildegard Media


Kim is an award-winning producer, writer and visibility strategist. She works with interior designers, makers of art and cool products and hosts in the lifestyle space building intrepid brands and creating media, publication and licensing opportunities.

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