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In an age where social media agencies are popping up left and right, Multibrain is ahead of the pack. Perhaps that’s because of Scott Kramer, President and CEO understands the depth and potential of the Internet as it helps bring back local communities through collaboration as opposed to competition.

Multibrain follows, analyzes and defines the daily implications of social media on “new-traditional” marketing models.  Define “new-traditional” and the top three ways social media impacts them.

The “new traditional” is really the NEW Consumer Marketing and the rules have changed completely.  ALL media is social, and the consumer is now in charge of spreading a brand’s message.  What I mean here is for brands, it’s no longer about talking TO their customer, it’s about talking WITH their customer.  In the old school consumer marketing model, brands created their marketing in a “one to many” model — with a print ad, radio spot, TV commercial, flyer and so on — and then blasted it out to as many people as possible.  Today, I choose which brands to like, follow and to spread the word about to my networks.  The biggest challenge for brands is this idea of giving up control.  But, as long as a brand can participate and provide compelling content, their customer will take care of getting the word out.

What are some of the variables that create a brand’s online DNA?

Every business is listed on search sites including Google, Bing and Yahoo, whether they like it or not.  It’s staggering to me that so many businesses have still not even claimed their profile.  Once search is claimed and customized, it’s now on to Local listing and review sites, as in Yelp, Citysearch, even Mapquest because, again, they most likely already have a listing for the business, so claiming it puts the business owner in control.  Then we break down the rest by social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc…) and media sharing sites (YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, etc…) and determine which are the best networks for the type of business.  All this together, makes up the DNA of any business.

What is “Smart or Dynamic Content” and how are social brands using it?

Dynamic means frequently updated, always changing, fresh content.  It’s not about having a “business card” website that never changes, it’s about having a site and social networks of choice being updated regularly. Now this doesn’t mean you have to become a blogger by any means, it’s just realizing today’s consumer wants everything in REAL TIME.  A great example is Joan’s on Third, an amazing restaurant/cafe here in Los Angeles.  They post pictures of what their baking RIGHT NOW, and I can almost taste it.  SMART is sharing interesting stuff about your business, almost from an insider perspective, because if you do that, chances are I will spread the word and again, this is golden.

Pinterest is now sending sites more traffic than yahoo search.  What’s the most effective way for brand owners to use it to boost their business?

Yes, Pinterest is the darling of 2012 and their success is pretty simple:  Consumers are overwhelmed with WORDS.  I read a study that said the average consumer is exposed to something like a million words every day.  That’s taxing on the brain.  On the other hand, the brain takes in visuals or images much differently and much quicker, so brand owners need to learn to be more visual.  Have you noticed how many “quotes” are now images and posted on Facebook?  Visual marketing is huge and it’s going to become even bigger as we are exposed to more and more content on a daily basis.

In terms of emerging social and media sharing platforms, which do you think are the ones to watch?

What I’m seeing right now if just a bunch of copycat sites trying to be like Pinterest, or Groupon, and so on.  I think what’s emerging these days are APPS, ways to make all this easier to manage.  We are now in a phase where both brands and consumers are getting overwhelmed with online networks they need to be on, so apps provide the solution for making this easier.

Steve Jobs once said, “It is not the customer’s job to know what they want.”  A recent research report from the team at Pivot shows that consumers and brands are far apart when it comes to perceptions, behaviors, attitudes, and expected benefits. Do you think the solution is to ask consumers what they want from social brands?

Steve Jobs was sheer brilliance.  He built the Apple brand by asking WHY instead of HOW and WHAT.  That is at the core of his success.  Social brands need to LISTEN to their customers and adapt, engage, participate, learn and react in real time.  So many brands still use social networks to blast information, not taking into account anything about their fans or followers.  If brands can just learn to listen and stay in REAL TIME with their fans and followers, then they’ve just saved a ton of money in research, AND most likely will have a customer for life.

Scott, as a serial entrepreneur, what’s the biggest piece of advice you can offer to Founders who are at the idea stage?

Make mistakes, put it out there and eliminate all paranoid thoughts.  Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but it means you are typically not a 9-5 kinda person, and mostly you have the passion to swing for the fences.  I’ve been very successful in my career, but equally I’ve had just as many hard times.  The best advice I can give to someone at the idea stage is to get it out of the idea stage and into my favorite word…FRUITION.

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