Digital Tsunami: Technology Investment & Entrepreneurship Come to LA’s Shores

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By Jane Dam & Catherine Lau

Los Angeles has long been known as the entertainment capital of the world, but as more entrepreneurship ventures, technology start-ups, established companies like Google and LegalZoom, and angel investors pop up along the shores, the city is earning its name as Silicon Beach.   Just take a stroll down through Santa Monica, Venice and Marina Del Rey and you’ll pass companies such as BeachMint, Factual, Shop-Hers, and the Honest Company. New neighbors are moving in fast.

And the media is paying attention. Respected outlets like Forbes are adding LA-dedicated reporters to cover the tech and digital scene. Celebrities, including Jay-Z and Kim Kardashian, are lending star investor power, giving start-ups key exposure to influential audiences.

Like their counterparts up in Silicon Valley, social media and digital marketing are the bread and butter for reaching new investors, promoting products, and recruiting top developer talent. In fact, a number of these businesses are banking on the popularity of digital networks for their own business models. For example, Viddy, a recognized video mobile app on the iPhone, which has social media integration and Instagram-like features, comes out of Los Angeles and reached 26 million users.  Not far from the Silicon Beach corridor is BuzzMob (an MWW client), an event based mobile app that connects event attendees to location based digital networks, enabling them to interact and share exclusive, real-time event content.

But unlike Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach is all about collaboration rather than competition.  A number of incubators like Launchpad LA and IdeaLab help to fund and guide promising start-ups in a community-minded environment, perfect for budding entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of each other.

It’s a great place to start and grow a digital start-up or locate your next office outpost – and the views certainly don’t hurt. MWW has been a proud resident of LA, and like Silicon Beach, we’re growing fast.
Our firm brings an integrated approach to strategic communications. We not only have category expertise in strategic branding and consumer lifestyle marketing, but also through our award-winning digital media practice, Dialogue Digital, recognized for its industry leading campaigns and programs in digital, social, and emerging media. In addition to our traditional PR services, MWW Entertainment is bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and entertainers, to build cultural relevance through tastemaker and influencer events and activations.

It’s a great time to be in L.A. – and the beachside digital revolution is only just starting to make waves.

Check out our panel:  Why Los Angeles Is The Next Silicon Valley on Monday September 24th @ 9:30.  Join MWW in a panel on The Power of Brand Advocates, Thursday September 27th at 10:30.

Jane Dam is currently a Digital Strategist for MWW’s Digital Dialogue team.  Jane brings digital strategies to MWW clients and builds out their online communities by managing and monitoring various social platforms and campaigns and offering guidance to optimize their online reach. She can be reached at or @janeexlane.

Catherine Lau is an Associate Account Executive at MWW.  With a focus on consumer products, she has helped to build several emerging brands such as Danhov, Divided States of America, and Croda through social media, marketing strategy, and event planning. She can be reached at

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