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Social interaction and search have a “MAJOR” place in the mobile says Smash Networks co-founder Harrison Painter.  That’s why he and his partner  Eric Rice have partnered with Mimvi CEO Michael Poutre and Founder/CVO Kasian Franks to make the online and mobile experience better for people.  By introducing it to the everyday user in a way never seen before, they plan to create  a smooth transition into the next stage of digital evolution through a deep understanding of users and brands, creative content and sophisticated technology.

What is Smash Networks?

At our core, essentially we build audiences for brands using creative content and attraction marketing with our powerful distribution platform called our ECHO program.  What I can tell you is that we are creating an environment where the needs of both the user and advertisers are met in a way never seen before, a bridge in between both of their agendas.

The “ECHO” program assists brands with injecting their message into the market without annoying users or driving them away, while still driving results. This will be done in a way that I can’t quite talk about yet, but we are going to change how companies spread their message and become more desired as members in their respected communities.

What’s the inspiration behind Smash Networks?  When do you launch and who will you serve?

The inspiration behind Smash Networks was in wanting to be a positive part in the evolution of digital entertainment, social interactions, and mobile technologies. We spent many late nights in groups with online influencers studying the problems people are having in the social and video worlds. The completion of Smash is a holistic approach to solving them all.  We don’t have the official launch date quite yet, but we are slated to start making some waves in mid-November at the latest.

We have seen so much time get wasted online that we have created a way take brands from just being tolerated to being sought after. With our branded content model and mobile capabilities we seek to change the current models that exist by creating transparency.

Why did you decide to partner with Mimvi?

Mutually, Mimvi Inc. and Smash Networks have decided to join forces for many reasons.  One of them is to combine two cutting edge groups of minds that see a bigger picture in the space, one part media and content and the other part emerging technology.  This allows our group the pleasure of translating the importance of mobile search and recommendations as they will lead the way in the overall social and content experiences in the future.

As a combined unit we also see a major opportunity in the mobile app marketing space to help emerging developers and companies become less dependent on the Apple Store and Google Play for discovery.  We are changing the face of app and pure mobile marketing together, it is very exciting.

For other emerging entrepreneurs, what’s been the most difficult part of getting your idea from the concept stage to launch?

The most difficult part, thus far, has been the ability to simply translate this complex solution in a simple manner.  When you are solving multiple problems at once it can be confusing to people.  However, after three years, a ton of late nights, challenge after challenge and lots of coffee we are just about there.  This is not the first go around for anyone on this team, but it has been one of the most difficult and ultimately rewarding of any of our careers.

Join Smash Networks for their panel, The Future Of Mobile & Social Entertainment on Thursday September 25 @ 1:30.

Kim Kuhteubl

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