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by Kerianne Mellott

The panels and events held in Los Angeles for Social Media Week all get four stars and two huge Facebook thumbs-up “likes” from me.  I’m particularly excited about the following events that pull the folks from behind the glamorous curtain of Hollywood and into their own spotlight to shed some light on how technology has changed the way they work.

LA Social Enterprise & Entertainment Panel

Not only is this event held at one of the hottest spots in Hollywood (the W Hotel Hollywood) but it’s also a chance to better understand how the panelists are using cause marketing campaigns and positive PR in a for profit situation.  This is a diverse group of folks with some really great backgrounds and I’m looking forward to getting the inside scoop on the social enterprise marketing scene.

Keynote: Beverly Jackson, Dir of Mktg & Social Media, Grammys

If someone’s throwing the topics of social media, marketing AND music at me? Oh, I’M THERE.  Beverly W. Jackson, Dir of Mktg & Social Media, The Grammy Awards, will be speaking on how the Grammys are using social media strategies to join music lovers everywhere.  Make sure you show up to this one.  Take your earbuds out and pause that Spotify or Pandora app.  It’ll still be streaming your fav tunes when SMLA is over.  I promise.

The New Hollywood

Not too long ago I spent an evening with my younger 22-yr-old sister and her friend.  I suggested going to a movie.  I was turned down.  The one thing they wanted to do? Scour videos on YouTube.  FOR SEVERAL HOURS.  I’m excited to hear this panel’s thoughts on how they are approaching audiences online through video and am curious to know their views on the future of this new form of delivering entertainment.

I’d Like To Thank The Academy…On Twitter

Live events are capitalizing on the technology of social media by bringing the online conversations of fans into the mix. In my opinion, award shows bring home the…er, award, for the “Best Use Of Real-Time Data Gathering & Sharing.”  I’m going to this panel because I know that capturing and leveraging the small, yet HUGE, window of opportunity during a live event is key.  I’m looking forward to hearing their strategies.  This panel promises to give you just what you’re looking for and will end right before they cue music from the orchestra pit and flash the “Wrap up now…” card.

TV Goes Social

Long gone are the days where you shouting at the TV didn’t do anything but upset the other people watching the show with you.  Thanks to social media, we can now “shout” as much as we want.  And actually make an impact! This panel will rock because of the varied members and their expertise in capturing fans through social TV campaigns.  I’m excited to hear them speak on what’s been working to capture those precious eyeballs of TV-addicted fans.

Kerianne Mellott,  is a coach, speaker and social media consultant.  For more information about her and her company visit,  If you want her to save you a seat, send her a tweet to @keri_mellott.

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