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Startups, Smart Girls and Sports were the three big topics streaming during Day 2 of Social Media Week LA.  The words authentic, organic and VC were also in heavy rotation, especially if you’re in business to build relationships, not just with your audience, but with big brand partners as well.  Forget the vanity metrics and measure your social footprint by engagement.  Great thoughts.  Great minds.  Here’s what they said:

  • The generational divide is less significant than the steep learning curve on the technology. ~ Barbara Olson, @LibertyHill
  • People understand the power and potential of community now and it’s now coming to investing.  ~ Chance Barrett.
  • The nice thing about social is that it doesn’t necessarily come with a cost.  People are doing what they like to do, sharing.   Russell D’Souza @seatgeek
  • Everything for me is test, measure improve. ~Josh Bevan, @alpinestars
  • It’s not just about the views any more.  It’s about how you’re moving the needle with your video content…The reason it goes viral is because you have a distribution plan attached to it. Denise Garciano, @niecee
  • If we’re going to get involved with a sport like snowboarding then we need to make sure that we don’t look like we’re the dad at the disco…We want to make sure that we’re doing stuff that the core audience appreciates.  ~ Stuart Wells @nokiaus
  • The only way for the sport to succeed and for the product to succeed was to find the best talent and integrate it, make that talent the voice of the brand… A really important measure for us is social media clout.  Within their category, what kind of influence do they have? ~ Nick Sargent @burtonsnowboard

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Kim Kuhteubl

Producer, Hildegard Media


Kim is an award-winning producer, writer and visibility strategist. She works with interior designers, makers of art and cool products and hosts in the lifestyle space building intrepid brands and creating media, publication and licensing opportunities.

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