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Social Media Week Day 3 went live with K-Swiss and “f*cking Kenny Powers” and later “f*cking Matt Damon” — the video not the person.   The team from Jimmy Kimmel Live talked about transitioning from mediocre marketing to creating a 2nd stream experience that bumped up the show ratings and built Jimmy Kimmel’s Brand.  Pop-up Pantry treated us to curried salmon for lunch and then it was back to the Egyptian for Fashion Day with Eqal, StyleSaint, Nokia and a room full of socialites.  JuntoBox taught us “How To Pitch” and Zach Galifinakis screened his Craigslist Joe.  Here’s what you missed:

This is a 24-7 audience.  You can’t turn your back.  ~ Brian Ogle @kswiss

Nice to see some grey hair in the audience.  I was thinking it was going to be 1990 and above. ~ Krista Jackson @vanityfair

It’s finding our hub and spoke.  How do we feed different animals in our digital universe and what’s the best mechanism to make all of these animals work together. ~ Mike Cioffi @cioffi

I credit Youtube and social media for our rise in popularity and our broadening audience…If you want to succeed, if you want to grow and reach your fan base.  You have to be a part of it.  You have to be in it. ~ Doug Deluca @brandolini789

Blogs have so many things that they can and need to write about and if you can provide that content, you’re doing them a favor. Ryan Holiday @americanapparel

This is going to sound super religious but I feel like God was telling me to get on
Youtube.~ Nikki Phillipi @nikkiphillipi

If you don’t ask, it’s always a no. ~ Leah Ashley @fableahashley

You can buy personal recommendations.  You can’t buy word of mouth…When people are investing their time in you, they want to feel like they’re getting something they’re not getting from anywhere else. ~ Noelle Keshishian @noellenk1

All creation is co-creation and I think it’s the future and that is what social media is for. ~ Allison Beal @stylesaint

Bloggers are making a lot more money than editors at magazines are.  ~ Merle Ginsberg @merleygirl

The it bag or the it shoe is now a global phenomenon and it’s only a download away.  ~ Gabrielle Semerjian

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Kim Kuhteubl

Producer, Hildegard Media


Kim is an award-winning producer, writer and visibility strategist. She works with interior designers, makers of art and cool products and hosts in the lifestyle space building intrepid brands and creating media, publication and licensing opportunities.

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