13 #SMWLA Events Exploring Today’s Major Social Media Platforms

Social Media Week

Secure your spot for #SMWLA in June to join the industry’s leaders in media, entertainment, and technology for a week of inspiring and educational events.

#SMWLA takes place this June 12-16, and we have an amazing lineup of speakers and interviews, panel sessions and workshops planned for this year’s event.

From Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest and Snapchat, we’re diving into the world of social platforms, and how marketers should navigate these constantly-evolving networks of content, users, and brands.

Here are 13 sessions exploring today’s major social platforms at Social Media Week Los Angeles.

1. Masters of Storytelling: How NatGeo Engages 350 Million Fans on Social (National Geographic)

National Geographic aims to inspire, enlighten and activate audiences around the world, encouraging them to go further and test the limits of what is possible, and at #SMWLA, they are sharing this expertise with the Social Media Week audience.

2. When the 25 Year Old Gets it and CMO Doesn’t: How to Use Social Media to Drive Business Value (Netbase)

In this session, we’ll explain how analytics can help you understand what resonates with your customers so you can adjust your marketing efforts to be more effective. Plus, we’ll look at how you can keep an eye on looming crises to be prepared to respond rapidly.

3. How To Use Bitly Beyond Shortening & Branding (Bitly)

Every month, Bitly creates 300 million links and receives 9 billion clicks from five billion unique browsers. But are you sure you’re using Bitly to its fullest potential? In “How To Use Bitly Beyond Shortening & Branding,” we’ll talk about how every swipe, tap, and click is a piece of engagement data that connects back to the bigger story of the customer journey.

4. Instagram Killed The Television Star (Crowdtap)

Television as we know it will soon be no longer. The notion of tuning into a TV network will be a distant memory and the proverbial cord will someday be forever cut. These changes will disrupt the marketing industry in ways that the onset of the Internet itself didn’t achieve. Matt Britton (CEO, Crowdtap) will explain the role of celebrities and influencers across the spectrum and the massive impact of Live streaming on platforms.

5. Designing Ideas That People Want to Save and Do (Pinterest)

As Head of Vertical Strategy at Pinterest, Brian Monahan has balanced pragmatism with creativity and innovation to help brands create ideas that work on Pinterest. This session will explore how creativity is coming to life on mobile platforms like Pinterest. How do brands stand-out and create something that really adds to people’s experiences on these platforms?

6. How Lexus Pushed the Limits of Facebook Live to Connect With A Critical Audience (Facebook)

In this panel, attendees will learn all about the challenges and benefits of a multi-hour live broadcast on Facebook. They’ll come away with ideas and tools on how to keep fans engaged during a live broadcast (ideas that can also be used for other types of produced content).

7. How the World’s Largest Brands Use Social to Improve In-Store Experiences (Sprinklr)

In the age of on-demand streaming and one-click purchasing, it seems that many consumers have traded Black Friday in for Cyber Monday. In reality, however, more than 90% of retail sales still take place in stores.Paul Herman, VP of Product & Solutions Enablement Group of Sprinklr, will talk about 2-3 companies who are using social media to completely transform the in-store experience for today’s social, mobile customers.

8. Conquering Facebook with Content: How to Grow Your Audience Without Paying for It (Machinima)

In a year’s time, Machinima has taken its Facebook views from nearly nothing, to 140 million views per month. Revenues on the platform are up 5x per month year-over-year. How? Under the leadership of Chelsea Middlebrook (Director of Social Media), Machinima uses strategic content creation and placement that both entertains the audience, and checks all boxes to be optimized by the platform.

In a presentation driven by visual examples of social content created by Chelsea’s team at Machinima, she will do a deep dive into the science of audience growth on Facebook.

9. Death, Taxes, and Social Media ROI (Netbase)

There are 3 things in life that are inevitable: death, taxes, and the need to measure your social media ROI. And if you’re not tracking ROI, your social programs might as well be dead on arrival. The days of simply measuring likes and shares doesn’t cut it anymore. Learn the mechanics behind effective social programs for all stages of your business.

10. #KidsAreDicks and Other Truths of Social Entertainment Marketing

The television and entertainment landscape is only growing more fragmented. Consumer attention is fragmenting with it. Finding an innovative way to holding and engage that consumer interest is the ambition of everyone in the industry.

In this session, FOX, a traditional broadcast network, and 360i, their creative and media agency, will share learnings from their bold #KidsAreDicks campaign for FOX’s new hit comedy series, The Mick, and address how entertainment marketers can create participatory, creative social campaigns that engage consumers in a new way.

11. 5 Ways to Power Up Your Social Video (Diply)

Only 23 digital media properties surpassed one billion cross-platform video views in February 2017, according to the latest global Top Media & Entertainment Properties* report. With less than four years under its belt, Diply was one of those properties.

Dan Lagani, President & Chief Revenue Officer of Diply, will detail the “art and science” approach to content creation, testing, and social dissemination. He’ll also highlight key learnings from five billion monthly social content impressions to better understand user behavior and triggers for video success.

12. The New Media Landscape: The Opportunity for Brands and Entertainment in Social Video (Zefr)

Why would a studio choose to leave its copyrighted content up on social platforms? How, and why, are brands taking advantage? These questions and more will be answered by experts in entertainment and media who are doing just that, discussing the benefits and opportunities for alignment with entertainment content on YouTube.

13. The “One Size Fits None” Approach to Creating Standout Social Content (The Knot)

Kristen Maxwell Cooper, Executive Editor, Digital and Social at The Knot/XO Group Inc. will break down the unique identities of each social platform and share how The Knot went about better understanding its audiences and the content they want on each (spoiler alert! It’s not all wedding planning content) to generate more traffic and engagement.


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