7 Events On Data Marketing, Analytics, And Social Listening At #SMWLA

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Secure your spot for #SMWLA in June to join the industry’s leaders in media, entertainment, and technology for a week of inspiring and educational events.

Data marketing, analytics, and social listening have become essential for today’s marketers and advertising agencies to become successful.

At Social Media Week Los Angeles, attendees will hear from industry leaders on how brands are using data marketing tools and social analytics to learn more about their audience and develop social strategies around the content they engage with.

Here are 7 events exploring data marketing, analytics, and social listening at Social Media Week Los Angeles.

Check out the full lineup of speakers and planned for this year’s event interviews, panel sessions, and workshops here.

1. Fender Case Study: How Social Media Analytics Influences Marketing Campaigns (Crimson Hexagon)

This case study presented by Fender will share how they’re using social media data and analytics to identify key influencers and new target audiences, understand user preferences, and monitor industry trends and PR crises.

2. Divide and Conquer: A Blueprint for Social Domination (Leaf Group)

In the past, online publisher success was measured by pageviews and unique visitors. Today, user attention is the overarching metric advertisers use to evaluate brands, and it’s a key factor Search and Social platforms use to determine which content to elevate and promote.

During this session, Mitchell Pavao (SVP of Digital Media, Leaf Group) will examine how users are no longer paying attention to publishers who force them to sort through content which is of no interest to them. He will also identify how publishers can grow by maximizing the attention they receive from their audiences, while still being able to create content at scale.

3. The User Generation: How UGC is Changing the Way We Tell Stories (Jukin Media)

The entire world is creating content. With smartphones and video capture devices getting increasingly better, and cheaper, seemingly by the day, regular people are creating social native content and telling stories that resonate with millions.

On YouTube alone, over 400 hours of content is uploaded every minute. At #SMWLA, Josh Entman (Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer, Jukin Media) will discuss the explosion of user-generated content and how it has changed the media landscape. He will also explore how successful brands are re-thinking marketing efforts and leveraging the abundance of user-generated content to create more authentic and memorable campaigns.

4. Engagement to Action: How Focusing on a Data-Driven Approach can Increase the Value of Content-Focused Campaigns (StyleHaul)

As the number of companies and brands looking to capitalize on influencer marketing continues to grow and the industry becomes increasingly more diverse, StyleHaul is proving that a keen understanding of the analytics behind the engagement habits of your audience is critical to generating actionable influence through branded content campaigns.

At this workshop, Sean Horvath (Chief Innovation Officer at StyleHaul) will sit down with key influencers to discuss the importance of data-informed content partnerships and how the industry is shifting to encompass a wide variety of businesses and verticals.

5. The Importance of Data in Social Media Marketing (Live Nation)

Samantha Sichel, VP of Digital Product Development at Live Nation will be joined by a VP partner client marketing representative and potentially a TBD media partner to highlight how they are tapping into Live Nation’s new social media products enabling them to reach and understand event attendees.

6. Putting Digital Back in the Boardroom: Making Digital Metrics Matter (iris Concise)

How do you package up your performance metrics in a way that has a resonance at a board level? How do you get your show-stopping, award-winning, best-in-class campaign the kudos it deserves? How do you make small scale activities interesting to executives?

iris Worldwide approach these situations with the help of their in-house management consultancy iris Concise. If you’re looking to have your work get more interest internally, or find ways to present your campaign performance in a way that makes your clients look better than ever before, this workshop is for you.

7. When the 25 Year Old Gets it and CMO Doesn’t: How to Use Social Media to Drive Business Value (NetBase)

In this session, we’ll explain how analytics can help you understand what resonates with your customers so you can adjust your marketing efforts to be more effective. Plus, we’ll look at how you can keep an eye on looming crises to be prepared to respond rapidly.


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