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Social Media Week

Secure your spot for #SMWLA in June to join the industry’s leaders in media, entertainment, and technology for a week of inspiring and educational events.

At #SMWLA, attendees will hear from industry leaders on a variety of topics including emerging trends, new innovations, data marketing, and navigating various social platforms.

Social Media Week Los Angeles is a can’t miss event for content creators who are looking to become an influencer, grow their audience across different social platforms, and learn about the massive impact of new technologies.

Here are 11 must-see events for content creators at #SMWLA.

1. The New Remix Culture: Why Industry Leaders Are Paying Attention (PicsArt)

Remixing is the next big thing, and investors and tech giants are paying attention to it. Remixing images and other viral content is evolving with a mobile revolution that has changed dynamics and shifted paradigms. How are apps tapping into this new wave of image Remix culture and creative collaboration?

Speaker Wilson Kriegel has 20 years experience in business development, operations, growth and international expansion and monetization. As the CBO for PicsArt, the leading social image editing app, Wilson has seen first-hand how collaborative technologies can change the game and mapped the strategy on how to grow them. In this session, he’ll explore the growth of Remix culture, how social influencers are responding, and what the implications are for content creators and marketing professionals.

2. 5 Ways to Power Up Your Social Video (Diply)

Only 23 digital media properties surpassed one billion cross-platform video views in February 2017, according to the latest global Top Media & Entertainment Properties* report. With less than four years under its belt, Diply was one of those properties.

Dan Lagan (President & Chief Revenue Officer of Diply) will detail the “art and science” approach to content creation, testing, and social dissemination. He’ll also highlight key learnings from five billion monthly social content impressions to better understand user behavior and triggers for video success.

3. Conquering Facebook with Content: How to Grow Your Audience Without Paying for It (Machinima)

In a year’s time, Machinima has taken its Facebook views from nearly nothing to 140 million views per month. Revenues on the platform are up 5x per month year-over-year. How? Under the leadership of Chelsea Middlebrook (Director of Social Media), Machinima uses strategic content creation and placement that both entertains the audience, and checks all boxes to be optimized by the platform.

In a presentation driven by visual examples of social content created by Chelsea’s team at Machinima, she will do a deep dive into the science of audience growth on Facebook.

4. The “One Size Fits None” Approach to Creating Standout Social Content (The Knot)

Kristen Maxwell Cooper, Executive Editor, Digital and Social at The Knot/XO Group Inc. will break down the unique identities of each social platform and share how The Knot went about better understanding its audiences and the content they want on each (spoiler alert! It’s not all wedding planning content) to generate more traffic and engagement.

5. The Science Of Storytelling: Why Just Having Video Content Is No Longer Enough (SoulPancake)

What you make matters more today than ever before. To get – and keep – the audience’s attention, content must be relevant, surprising, interactive, connective and – above all – entertaining. In this conversation, SoulPancake CEO, Shabnam Mogharabi, will open the vault of her experience and share her insights, tips, tricks, and best practices on creating cross-platform stories that attract new a new audience without losing the old one.

6. Storytelling Through Images: How to Define Your Visual Voice (Brit + Co)

As a media company, Brit + Co produces over 100 pieces of content per day in varying formats and across numerous platforms. A visually strong brand focused on creativity, Brit + Co’s aesthetic is an essential part of its identity.

Anjelika will speak to the importance of brand identity, the creation of the Brit + Co strategy, and the logistics of scaling and executing her vision in an oversaturated digital landscape.

7. Fireside Chat with BuzzFeed’s Ashly Perez (Buzzfeed)

Ashly joined BuzzFeed in 2013 as an editorial fellow for the website. Since then, she has gone from editorial fellow to starting BuzzFeed Travel. She is currently a Development Partner & Video Producer for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, creating hit original content for the platform.

The session will cover much of Ashly’s journey as one of BuzzFeed’s most prolific creators of content, including how to uphold authenticity as content evolves through different platforms and distribution models and maintaining audience connection as your story and content evolve.

8. The Pursuit of Meaningful Content (Pinterest)

Pinterest is a tool that more than 150 million people use to discover and do the things they love. Every day, people on Pinterest get inspiration for the things they want to do next: from a recipe to cook tonight to a trip they’d like to take this weekend.

In this Pinterest Creative Workshop, Nancy Jeng (Creative Strategist, Pinterest) will teach unique and effective ways you can reach consumers through smart advertising on the visually-driven platform. She will also share insider tips and tactics to help you develop Pinterest campaigns that drive engagement and results.

9. Instagram Killed The Television Star (Crowdtap)

Television as we know it will soon be no longer. The notion of tuning into a TV network will be a distant memory and the proverbial cord will someday be forever cut. These changes will disrupt the marketing industry in ways that the onset of the Internet itself didn’t achieve. We live in exciting times.

Matt Britton (Chief Executive Officer, Crowdtap) will discuss the role of celebrities and influencers across the spectrum in receiving the torch and the massive impact of Live streaming on platforms like Instagram.

10. The User Generation: How UGC is Changing the Way We Tell Stories (Jukin Media)

The entire world is creating content. With smartphones and video capture devices getting increasingly better, and cheaper, seemingly by the day, regular people are creating social native content and telling stories that resonate with millions.

At #SMWLA, Josh Entman (Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer, Jukin Media) will discuss the explosion of user-generated content and how it has changed the media landscape. He will also explore how successful brands are re-thinking marketing efforts and leveraging the abundance of user-generated content to create more authentic and memorable campaigns.

11. The Recipe For a Global Phenomenon: How Food Videos Became the Language of the Web (Tastemade)

Tastemade, a programmer of addictive food content, will deconstruct the process by which its content is created, optimized and perfected for a millennial audience. Tastemade is setting the standard for mobile entertainment content and its videos are viewed billions of times a month, shared in multiple languages and across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Join this event to learn how their footage is crafted from scratch for a local, mobile audience and about the technology-driven feedback loop that turns audience and engagement data into views from hundreds of millions of people every month.


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