Fireside Chat with BuzzFeed's Ashly Perez

10:20 AM - 11:05 AM

Hosted by BuzzFeed

MAIN STAGE: The Broad Stage 1310 11th St Santa Monica CA 90401

In this session we will hear from BuzzFeed Motion Pictures Development Partner and Video Producer Ashly Perez.

Ashly joined BuzzFeed in 2013 as an editorial fellow for the website. As a staff writer, she started BuzzFeed Travel and is responsible for two of BuzzFeed’s most viral early quizzes “What City Should You Actually Live In?” and “What Career Should You Actually Have?” In 2014, she moved to Los Angeles and joined BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. She is one of the co-creators behind BuzzFeed Violet, BuzzFeed’s first character universe. Ashly and her fellow producers/Violet characters released You Do You Season 1 in December 2015 and it was an immediate hit, garnering the top spot in the iTunes TV store for the entire week of launch and beating out The Walking Dead and Keepin’ Up with the Kardashians. Variety called You Do You Season 2 a “comedy hit.” Ashly recently took the YDY series to a third season, with Unfortunaltly Ashly premiering as BFMP’s first ever scripted longform series to be sponsored by a brand, working closely with sponsor Toyota Corolla.

The session will cover much of Ashly’s journey as one of BuzzFeed’s most prolific creators of content, including:

  • How to uphold authenticity as content evolves through different platforms and distribution models
  • How to maintain audience connection as your story and content evolves – referencing LGBTQ initiatives and coming out story
  • How to avoid “selling out” in an industry that demands “going viral”

Venue & Location

MAIN STAGE: The Broad Stage

1310 11th St
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Social Media Week

10:20 AM - 11:05 AM

Fireside Chat with BuzzFeed's Ashly Perez


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  • Ashly Perez


    Ashly Perez

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