We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Meltwater to bring you Marketing Reinvented 2021, Agency + Brand Editions. These two seminal pieces of research provide a foundational understanding of where we are today and what we believe should be our priorities as we begin to think about rebuilding the systems of social media in 2021.

We have created this research in collaboration with senior agency and brand leaders who have generously provided us their time and more importantly their insights in response to questions that serve to underpin our global theme in 2021 “Reinvention: Rebuilding the Systems of Social Media Marketing”.

The methodology behind this research is based on the work of Rishad Tobaccowala, who is the former Chief Growth Officer of Publicis and author of Restoring the Soul of Business. In an October 2020 article “The ABCDE of Marketing Re-Invented,” Rishad provided a framework for how marketing has changed and is changing into the future.

For the purposes of this research and with Rishad’s permission we have adapted his framework for reinvention and put a set of questions to a number of leading industry experts on both the agency and brand side. The questions map to each aspect of the framework in the following areas:


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