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Lucia Brawley is the Vice President of Communications for the Miami-based media tech startup and the Associate Producer of‘s first media property Take Back the Mic: The World Cup of Hip Hop, currently in contention for an Emmy Award. She received a BA in English from Harvard University and an MFA in Acting from the Yale School of Drama.

Before moving into Communications, she acted in major motion pictures for American director Oliver Stone and major European directors; appeared in numerous television series; and collaborated with many of America’s foremost theater artists. A vocal advocate for arts education, Ms. Brawley’s writing on the subject was cited in California State Senate hearings and she delivered a keynote address at the Yale School of Music’s Education Symposium.

During the President’s ’08 campaign, Ms. Brawley founded a Los Angeles grassroots group that grew from 4 to almost 2,000 members, winning for President Obama by the largest margin in the state of California.

Lucia Brawley has written for the Huffington Post for almost 7 years and contributes to a number of outlets, both in print and online, including

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