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For the past fourteen years Jessie has served as General Counsel to Estefan Enterprises, Inc. (“EEI”) for Gloria and Emilio Estefan, protecting and exploiting EEI’s wide range of assets and trusted brands in music publishing, recordings and hospitality. In her early years at EEI Jessie was tasked with the formidable responsibility of re-negotiating the deals surrounding EEI’s most valuable asset, its publishing catalogues.

Today Jessie continues to be one of the top-tier, blue-chip legal and business affairs executives, distinguished by her keen insight, unwavering professionalism, and seasoned instincts that have yielded optimum value for her employers and clients. She is currently spearheading negotiations with social media platform companies of original content, in particularly YouTube.

Born to immigrant parents, Peruvian father and Cuban mother, Jessie was raised in a tough neighborhood in Miami, FL. Jessie’s drive, the gift of dogged tenacity and a tireless work ethic has been passed on by her hard working parents. It is this combination that has always pushed Jessie to excel in all her endeavors, from early on in her youth as an honors student to her days in Florida State University, where she obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s with honors, and then when she went on to law school at American University in Washington, D.C.

Central to whom Jessie is as a person is her desire and efforts to bring value to the lives of others and be a strong, encouraging presence to persons who are in need. One way in which she had a direct impact on the lives and future of others is her work with the Miami office of the Posse Foundation. Through her tireless, arduous work raising funds and awareness for Posse, she helped gifted and talented Miami high school students, from tough neighborhoods and families with limited resources, attain full scholarships to many of this country’s most prestigious colleges and universities. Always cognizant of the road she has traveled, she has sought to share her experience and provide guidance to make the path smoother for those young persons who have traveled the same, or similar path after her, aspiring to achieve a better and fulfilling life.

As a young lawyer with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Jessie went head on against a multinational direct marketing and distribution company who was committing widespread infringement of the rights of key members of the RIAA. She alone identified the importance of the potential suit and sought support from RIAA members, many of whom did not recognize the suit’s merits and did not support the litigation. Jessie and the outside counsel achieved a nine million dollar settlement for the RIAA members whose intellectual property was being used impermissibly. At the time, that settlement was unprecedented in the RIAA.


In 2011, in recognition of her distinguished career as an attorney, business executive, and her work in the community, Jessie Abad was chosen as one of Miami’s Women of Influence. And even as she was being honored, she used the occasion to encourage young women at the beginning of their careers. She advised them to never give up, to push forward, to use the talents and strength with which they have been imbued and to believe deeply in themselves in order to achieve the goals and dreams they set out for themselves. This drive, with passion, kindness, and élan is the central force that encompasses the person who is Jessie Abad.

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