Eduardo Perez

Reporter and Blogger, Noticias 23 – Univision Miami

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Eduardo was born and raised in Havana, Cuba in the 1990—during the time known as “special period.” Eduardo was witness to the hardship that his parents and grandmother endured to feed him appropriately and he began to realize the challenges of living under the Cuban system early-on. Eduardo´s interest in journalism started during high school, where he co-edited the school’s magazine and first discovered his passion for storytelling.  

But it wasn’t until after college that he began to see the real power of information. Working under the pseudonym “Yusnaby” (Spanish pronunciation of US NAVY), he opened a blog (El blog de Yusnaby) where he would tell stories of his day-to-day life, and used a twitter account (@yusnaby) to share photographs of the “Cuba not for tourists”, granting him a space in the information world, differentiating himself from the official propaganda of rum, cigars and sandy beaches.

Eduardo was contacted by Cubanet and started earning his first salary as a journalist by writing chronicles on events in Cuba. In 2014, already popular among readers in Cuba, he revealed his identity. Soon after, Eduardo and his family faced threats from the government and the political police. For the wellbeing of his family, he decided to leave Cuba, probably the hardest decision of his life.

Eduardo joined Univision 23 in 2015, as a reporter specialized in stories about Cuba.

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