Ariel Raphael Stein

Creator, Wearable Towel Inc.

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Ariel is one of the key players tapped into the fashion, entertainment and celebrity world of arts and entertainment. His hands-on professional experience began in the late 90’s working the scene at Miami’s posh nightlife, hotels and entertainment venues. Leading brand names in the entertainment, luxury goods and lifestyle industries have consulted and hired his expertise in handling strategy on target marketing, research and development, public relations, special events, and brand business development. Within few years time, Ariel developed personal friendships and relationships with top designers, fashion models, celebrities and CEO’s. In 2005, he began to gain public attention when several different television networks and multiple news media programs around the world started to profile, follow and highlight his fast-paced Miami social life as a producer, inventor, designer and visionary entrepreneur. He is the designer behind custom made couture “Ariel Raphael and Masion Homme” designing ready-to-wear and swimwear for both women and men along with home textile. He co-invented and introduced a revolutionary product that is unisex, used everyday and always replaced. Available today is the wildly popular infomercial product, “Wearable Towel/Bath-Ta-Robe/Kanguru Smartowel” which gained rapid worldwide exposure within the manufacturing and licensing world. January 2012, Ariel executed and finalized worldwide intellectual property rights on his invention in numerous regions and territories under the PTO, EPO and OHIM. He has been successful in negotiating and contracting licensing arrangements with some of the largest companies in the world which include Pinault-Printemps-Redoutes; Redcats USA, Sosu Company Limited Asia and Lavateili Italy. Ariel has dabbled in many industries and has extensive knowledge and training in textiles, luxury goods and fashion apparel, diamonds buying and grading, fine art, media broadcasting, marketing publicity, and alternative healthcare solutions. Ariel is a current Transient Ischemic Attack stroke prone survivor and fighter of Tertiary Late Stage Lyme Disease. He battles well with Post Traumatic Stress and has a series of unresolved complex medical impressions and diagnosis including Carotid Artery Stenosis, cervical disc herniation and Lumbar Spine Disc Disease that keep him from working today. He tries his best to communicate with others and provide emotional support to people that have developed mild to extreme disabilities and hardships especially in areas related to traumas in guiding them to alternative solutions that have helped him during his ongoing hardship. Although he works super hard on recovery and with a positive outlook to return back to the business there is never a dull moment with Ariel as he continues to mark his place in the fast-paced “It Crowd” as a visionary entrepreneur and fighter to move forward in good health, faith and determination.

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