How to Use a Blog to Market Your Business on Social Media

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Digital transformation has pushed businesses here and there to reach out to their customers in the digital world, especially through blogs. Serving as the core foundation of a successful social media marketing tactic, a blog is a must-have for every business these days. But merely having a blog is not enough. You need to promote it somewhere to capture more readers and eventually more customers. Social media is one of the most popular avenues for companies to advertise their blog. The question is how can you use your blog to effectively market your business on social media?

First, you must catch the attention of your audience with content that appeals to them. The technique is to use your content to gain trust from your readers, shed some light on a problem, agitate the problem, and finally sell your solution. Marketing your business on social media is not as difficult as it seems, as long as you set some goals, create a schedule, and be responsible for it throughout the year. Listed below are five important steps that can help you effectively market your business on social media.

1) Create an effective blog.

To create a blog that is most effective and yields the best result, you must first begin with the end in mind. Plan out what you’re going to write and when you’re going to post each entry. Think of your blog as your very own media channel to appropriately voice out your opinions. But remember that how you express your thoughts and ideas will ultimately affect your target audience. Presenting one general theme, tone, or voice and sticking to it is one of the most important aspects on how to start a blog and keep it running. So, focus on your brand and don’t waste your efforts trying to please everyone. Instead, convey a specific message to reach a particular group of people.

2) Write social media posts.

The content you’ve written in your blog will serve as the source for your posts on social media for the month. Connect and engage with your audience by keeping up a conversation centralized on your topic or theme on various social media websites. This will push you to create all your posts and articles with your sales strategy always in mind, slowly walking the prospect towards the sale. But make sure that you don’t promote yourself or sell your product more than 15 percent of the time because it might turn off your readers.

3) Specialize your social media presence.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that you can’t always please everyone, especially on social media. Thus, you must decide whether you want to maintain a generalized social media presence or one that appeals to a specific audience. Once you begin to promote your blog on social media, expect that not every single person will approve of your business. But customer or not, you must never intentionally alienate anyone.Consider that if you run a specialized business, you may simply not be able to reach those who are not interested in what you’re selling. And if you have a niche audience, focus on sharing posts that will appeal to them.

4) Use search engine optimization (SEO) methods.

Using SEO to better your business involves making necessary changes on your website and social media platform. Once you’ve applied those changes using SEO, your blog and social media pages will rank higher in the search results when a customer makes a search using relevant terms. You can start with identifying important words or terms that a customer might search for. Include common misspellings of your business’ name. Create meta tags on each page of your website that includes those keywords or phrases. Then, audit your SEO effectiveness regularly to assess how well you’ve been reaching your customers.

5) Automate publication.

Consistency is key when it comes to using a blog to market your business on social media. So be sure to schedule all your content in an advance. You wouldn’t want to have a blog post or a social media deadline catch you by surprise and send you scrambling to think of what content to use. There are a ton of online services that can help you pre-program all your content on various social media websites. Post regularly—at least once or twice a week—on your blog and make sure that your readers know on which day you usually submit an entry. Let your readers know whenever a new post is up via email and promote it on social network.

Setting up an account on social media is free and easy and gives you the necessary help to boost your company’s online presence. Now that you know all these steps, it’s time for you to apply them. Once you do, you’re well on your way to make social media work for your business.

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