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Instagram is on the verge of conquering across the globe. In a recent blog post, Instagram shared statistics of this popular photo sharing app, which has over 500 million Instagrammers – more than 300 million of whom use Instagram every single day.

Nowadays, Instagram is not just a simple photo sharing app, but this app is becoming famous as a visual advertising channel for Fortune 500 brands. In fact, it is discovered that as compared to other social platforms, Instagram provides brands with 25% more engagement.

In the year 2016, the adoption of Instagram is about 50%, and approx. 250 companies represented their active presence on Instagram.


Fortune 500 brands see the Instagram app as a prime channel with lots of opportunities to build their businesses. But the question is “HOW?” Here are top 4 most effective tips to grow engagement on Instagram.


#Tip 1: Filters

People want to see clear photos. And applying filter may decrease the visibility of an original photo. Successful brands use a strategic approach to creating a photo or video with clarity and more visibility.

According to TrackMaven report, 89.03% of Fortune 500 brands’ Instagram posts do not have filters. That means brands prefer to upload pre-designed photos and videos to Instagram, rather than uploading simple clicked photos and edit natively in the app.

Fortune 500 brands also use filters while uploading images on Instagram. Juno, Lark, and Clarendon are three most popular and frequently used filters. Here are the statistics for the filters used by top brands; Juno – 1.98%, Lark – 1.91% and Clarendon – 1.57%.



#Tip 2: Components

Using right components in a post can boost the engagement. But for some, questions like how many and what types of components to use, may arise.

The answer to these questions are Instagram posts from Fortune 500 brands that have hashtags or question marks in the description. They have seen a significant boost in engagement as compared to other posts without hashtags or questions marks.


Instagram posts with a question mark in the description have 45% of the engagement and posts with hashtags in the description have 43% of the engagement. While the exclamation mark, didn’t seem to be helpful. Posts with exclamati1on mark reduce the engagement by 0.22%.


#Tip 3: Schedule

The most common question is “What is the best time to post on Instagram?” There is no particular time to post on Instagram. Why? Because every business has different audience to target.

For Fortune 500 brands, Thursday and Friday are the most excellent and competitive days to publish a post. 17.1% brands publish their post on these days. While Saturday and Sunday account the least number of posts, with just 9.8% and 8.5% respectively. On an average 14.3% is the daily ratio of the Instagram post from the brands.



#Tip 4: Victory

Victory? What’s that especially while we are talking about the victory on Instagram? Number of Followers? Comments and likes on posts? Or numbers of clicks on a link in a profile bio? Or none of them?

Fortune 500 brands’ favourite metrics of comparison is performance of the content they shared on Instagram, and their victory is engagement ratio on each post. This metric is a standard format differentiated by the number of followers and posting frequency. This provides accurate results of a comparison of Fortune 500 brands engagement.

Starbucks is a leading brand of Fortune 500 on Instagram, with 24.64% of engagement ratio. Starbucks beats the leading digital marketing leaders like Old Spice, Taco Bell, the North Face, Southwest Airlines, Nike, American Express and Marriot.



Fortune 500 brands use these tricks to grow their Instagram channels. It is not just a budget that makes them popular Fortune 500 brands, but their creative use of content and understanding of its audience, makes them increase the engagement of their posts and leaders with momentous growth on Instagram.

All Statistics Images courtesy TrackMaven

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