Three Uncommon & Underestimated Instagram Tricks for SEO Optimization

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Instagram is actually a social media network that is consistently growing in popularity. Even those companies that do not boast of flashy products and photo-driven initiatives are also getting involved. This certainly implies that creativity has to be at its peak, but you could think of a strategy that could assist you in fulfilling your objectives and goals much faster. In this article, we would be discussing how to come up with an effective Instagram business presence.

Here are some effective tips that would be helping you reach the next level.

Tie-Up with a Charity or a Non-Profit

In general, it is human nature to support companies which are associated with some sort of social work or community service. Even though your business is not involved directly, you could indirectly help in promoting a social cause by donating some portion of your profits to any recognized nonprofit organization associated with your industry. Alternatively, you can consider fundraising for a noble cause that is close to your heart. Moreover, involving your employees by sending them to community service excursions and trips, is another effective idea. This really works out wonderfully for your business, as well as, your website, but it is particularly effective on Instagram, thanks to the really powerful images.

Here is a fantastic example from a Wordstream article. When SweetGreen collaborated with FoodCorps, the nonprofit organization, both of them were concentrating on health and so a fruitful partnership could be developed and nurtured, thanks to the common goals. The partnership was able to engage more and more people. The followers of SweetGreen could now see posts from followers of FoodCorps. So it was generally a win-win situation.

It is important to understand that all kinds of partnerships could be working out fine provided they are done right. Partnering with a complementary company and requesting them to share your social media posts and vice-versa, can be done. Remember the audience should be the same and that you should not be competitors in business. You could get in touch with for all your SEO solutions.

Instagram’s Business Tools Should Be Used for Advertising

Many businesses think that Instagram is mostly about engaging with the audience via relevant pictures, stories, using the perfect filters and sending them across to the right audience and then maybe the next step could be paid advertising. All these things need to be done at first, and then your next step should be using Instagram features that have been created especially for businesses. These features would help you look at metrics on the way specific posts are performing. This data would be including shares & engagements, impressions, insight, reach etc. for paid advertisements.

Purchase an Instagram Account that Boasts Already Established Followers

You could consider buying an Instagram account that already seems to have an established following. This could really be effective for some businesses. This unique idea has not been explored much. However, you could encounter an issue with this approach. A problem can arise if the already established audience happens not to be relevant to your company. Moreover, you have to bear in mind that online marketing focuses more on quality than quantity. But if you are interested in identifying an account which seems to have a pretty similar audience, it is a good idea to get in touch with some bloggers in your specific industry regarding buying an Instagram account. This could prove to be the much-needed jumpstart to attract people in the very first place, hence, boosting your numbers.


The fact remains that you need to understand your audience and also why Instagram works the way it does. If you could stay true to the very essence of Instagram, you are on the right road to boosting your following and ultimately SEO success. Instagram is certainly the place for boosting visibility and enhancing the image of your brands.

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