More Events Open For Registration At Social Media Week New York!

By all measures, last week’s global announcement that Social Media Week February 2011–powered by global headline sponsor Nokia–was opening up registration to its nine cities worldwide and the subsequent message here on the SMW New York blog welcoming every one to check out what’s happening and come register were a tremendous success.

In the past seven days, we’ve had an amazing 2100 sign-ups for people to attend events in New York, including many event sell-outs of pre-released tickets (don’t worry if you missed out, more tickets will be released in many cases). That will surely be only the tip of the iceberg, as we came out of the gate with just a little more than one-third of our expected total content for the February 7-11 week.

And grow it shall. The initial offering of events included just over fifty open for sign-up. Today we are opening another thirty, bringing our total to around 80 open for registration now, with another thirty to forty in various stages of confirmation. With any luck, there should be 140-150 spread out across New York, in the five Content Hubs and other venues around the city.

If you’re wondering how you’ll know that an event has been added to schedule going forward, just search hashtag #smwnycnew on Twitter, where updates for all new events will be posted.


Of these expected 140 events, over sixty of them will be taking place our Content Hubs. Please check out our new Hub landing page at, which gives a breakdown of each Hub and everything we’ve got in store there. The Hubs are listed below:

Business, Media, and Communications Hub, hosted by JWT and co-sponsored by YouTube
People & Society Hub, hosted by The Paley Center for Media and sponsored by PepsiCo
Art & Culture, hosted by Hearst Magazines
Entertainment, Gaming & Sports, hosted by Red Bull Space
Science & Technology
, hosted by Google

The schedules are filling up at JWT, Paley Center, and Hearst, and Red Bull Space and Google expect to make the majority of their schedule available in the next few days. Please check out our new Hub landing page here at, which will give a breakdown of each Hub and everything we’ve got in store there.


So what’s on the docket for the week? Included among the many events taking place this February in New York are exciting offerings by our following global and local sponsors:

Global Sponsors

  • Five events by JWT at the JWT-hosted Business, Media and Communications Hub — see the Hub page to read about all five
  • A presentation by Meebo at the JWT Hub on “The Social Web – Have We Arrived?”
  • Three panels by PepsiCo at The Paley Center for Media’s People and Society Hub and other locations to be announced

Local Sponsors

Plus a smattering of other events open for registration now!

Check back here for more information to follow in the coming weeks as we approach lift-off on Feb 7!