Event Spotlight: Social Good for All

If you want to be a successful brand in the social media age, there are three words you must live by: transparency, openness, and honesty. More than ever, consumers are embracing social media to forge open dialogues with brands — even putting pressure on companies to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility across digital platforms.

What’s the event? Social Good for All
Where? People & Society Hub at The Paley Center for Media
When? Friday, February 11, 12PM – 2PM
Who is hosting the event? SapientNitro

What’s the event all about? Are companies really being more altruistic or are they taking advantage of this newfound openness to propagate their marketing messages to consumers? Through pre-filmed “on the street” interviews to live panel discussions, this session will delve into topics, such as crowdsourcing platforms for fundraising, the real impact of social media on these philanthropic efforts, and how social good continues to shape consumer perspectives — now and in the future.

Sapient started out as a business & IT consulting company in 1991. Today, it is comprised of three business groups, over 30 offices, and 7,000 people. Read more here.

Alysha Lalji is a contributing writer to the Social Media Week blog and works in digital communications at Deep Focus.