Hub Spotlight: Red Bull

Social Media Week New York begins next week and posts this week will include overviews of each of the five Content Hubs, which is where much of the programming is taking place.

If you’re looking for a side of entertainment with your social media; then the Entertainment, Gaming & Sports Hub hosted at Red Bull is the place for you next week! In addition to daily happy hours, a gaming center, and an appearance from the world renowned Funk Master Flex; The Red Bull Hub will also house some fantastic events hosted by Spin Media, Buzz Media, CMJ, and more!  Here’s an overview of what you can expect.

On Monday, you can start your day at Red Bull by attending a panel examining how entertainment news is shifting industry operations, and how companies are responding to the growth of user-generated feedback and collaboration.

Then head over to the Red Bull Gaming Lounge for Happy Hour to experience the latest releases, including a top secret mobile app sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Afterwords, you can reach across continental divides to the shores of Africa, with a panel on the influence of social media and music, and the cultural change they’re engendering throughout the region.

Tuesday morning starts with a discussion facilitated by BUZZMEDIA on social media as a skeleton key to bypass the traditional gatekeepers of the music industry.  You can hear about the innovative focus this sector has taken on with the efforts of artists’ grassroots marketing campaigns from the experts themselves.

Take a break at the Red Bull Happy Hour after, and indulge with a variety of console and mobile apps sure to keep you riveted.

Ever wanted to know what happens after the success of a Web 2.0 campaign for artists, companies and celebrities? Close the day with a panel hosted by Red Bull on the the future of app development featuring panelists from, Gowalla, Buzzd and Edelman Digital.

Start your Wednesday off learning how to grow Brand You by attending  Tweet Like the Stars also hosted by BUZZMEDIA  Hear an in-depth discussion on savvy celebrity marketing, and how Twitter keeps your love of Kim Kardashian and Ashton Kutcher buzzing in 140 characters or less.  You can then join Spin Media for a lunchtime delivery of mobile technology and the evolution of the live music experience from a diverse group of company reps .

Still not head your gaming fix from Monday and Tuesday?  After the mobile forum, gear up again for the Red Bull Gaming Lounge for Happy Hour.

Once you’re gamed out, finish the day with a forum on leveraging social media to effectively build a brand for your band hosted by CMJ.

Kick off Thursday by exploring a career change with Ian Wyatt (aka Enable), a 17-year old professional Halo player.  Then head over to another Spin Media panel on the process of discovering and establishing music talent, cultivated through innovative social media marketing strategies and search engine preferences.

Meet Enable: the 17-year-old pro Halo player...jealous?

Start your weekend early with Happy Hour on Friday; head over to Red Bull with one last, extended gaming session with a cornucopia of apps, your choice of mobile or console.

Isabella de Medici is a contributor to the Social Media Week NY Blog.