Advisory Board Meeting: Behind the Scenes

Ever wanted to know what goes on during our Advisory Board meetings? We’ll tell you.

This past Monday, we dove into the challenges of defining unconferences with the help of Matt and Mark from We Make Cool We’re always looking for new ways to encourage event partners to push beyond typical panel formats and create something collaborative, engaging, and meaningful. Matt and Mark shared some great ideas to inspire us to empower people to create experiences. Check out their own work organizing the Lost Horizon Night Market trucks and bringing Wi-Fi to the masses on MTA’s L-train.

A sample of questions that emerged from our discussion:

•    Can automated processes be blended with art? How can we ensure high quality content in efficient, streamlined processes?
•    How can collaborative experiences be fostered among audiences, panels, and moderators?
•    Can audiences successfully drive content through social media channels?
•    Should exceptional content be rewarded? How else can “out of the panel-box” thinking be encouraged?

If you’re not an Advisory Board member, you can still add your voice to the mix. Whether volunteering, blogging, or organizing an event of your own, don’t miss your opportunity to get involved.