The Slacker’s Guide to Creativity

Social Media Week’s submission deadline is approaching fast, and once holiday festivities have ceased, February will be lurking around the corner. With so many tasks at hand and extra obligations piled upon typical routines, it can be difficult to set aside time to “get creative” and develop something awe-inspiring. Take the pressure off and choose one of these tactics to turn your brainrain into a brainstorm with minimal effort. AWAY

Get your heart pumping, increase blood flow and circulation, create distance between you and your project through movement. Run, skip, walk backwards, do some jumping jacks. You may find that a flash of inspiration strikes you as you loop around the block or stroll through the park.



Assume a different persona. Notice how you see the world and respond differently. Think about your audience. What do they want? Are their needs different from your own? When you’ve slipped on someone else’s shoes, what do you crave?



Ask questions. Lots of them. It doesn’t matter if you know the answer or if it’s something that can’t be solved. Come up with as many questions as you can and write them all. By the time you jot down one hundred, you may be surprised where your mind has led you.



Change your environment. Wander in a new part of town. Move your desk around so when you automatically reach for your red stapler, it isn’t there. Something as simple as adding a new photo to your desktop may cue your mind in a new way.



Give yourself a set amount of time to think about anything except the task at hand. Do NOT do what you should be doing. You may be surprised that this self-permission frees your mind in other ways. Play with putty. Make a paperclip sculpture. After fifteen minutes of slackerdom, revisit your project and watch where this sense of freedom has led you.


If you’re feeling extra inspired, submit your event ideas. Even if they are not completely refined, we’ll help you organize your thoughts and create an experience that adds to Social Media Week 2012.


Flickr Photo credits: Maurice Melchers, plasticrevolver, Rev Stan, Eleaf, ockenden