Event Guide: Social & Enviornmental Change

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We’re doing all that we can this week to help you optimize your #smw12 experience.  While each of our hubs serve as homes for specific content areas, the number of sessions we host on a specific topic far exceeds the capacity we have in our Hubs.

To help you navigate the schedule and find sessions that are relevant and interesting for you, we’re constructing a series of guides, which we hope will surface new and interesting content you might not have otherwise been aware of.

Your Guide to Social & Environmental Change

Monday February 13th 9-11am:
The Guardian Interviews, hosted on the Nokia Global Stage at Big Fuel: Don Tapscott

Tuesday February 14th 12-2pm:
Keynote: Rachel Lloyd, Executive Director & Founder of Girls Educational & Mentoring Services

Tuesday February 14th 3-5pm:
Social Media for Social Good

Tuesday February 14th 5:30-6:30pm:
Women, Money & Social Power: What Made The Komen Debacle A Win For Women

Wednesday February 15th 9-11am:
Keynote: Alex Bogusky followed by Social Innovators Collective’s Innovative Models for Social Good Collaboration

Wednesday February 15th 1:30-2:30pm:
Crowd Sourcing Human and Monetary Capital for Social Impact, Hosted by LinkedIn

Thursday February 16th 12-2pm:
Panel: Weapons of Choice: The Design of Insurgency

Friday February 17th 10am-11am:
RAPP presents RAPPATHON – Hacking for Change: A New Way of Collaboration

Friday February 17th 1-2:30pm:
Social Media HAS Changed the World

Friday February 17th 3-4pm:
Leveraging online platforms to inspire social good

Coming up over the next couple of days, SMW Guides on Advertising & Marketing, Music, Science, Technology, Startups, Small Business & Health & Wellness.



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