Featured Partner Events: Yahoo! Gets More Social

Founded in 1994, what was once the invention of two Stanford Ph.D. students David Filo and Jerry Yang, has become a major internet brand with search, content verticals, and other web services. Yahoo! More than just email, Yahoo! is a company that now incorporates search and social marketing into its core. And they’re here to share with SMWNYC. Glean from their experiences, and talk to their team. You can find them here:

Social Television: Opportunities for Broadcasters & Advertisers on Wednesday, February 15 at 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM at our Global Society Hub will tackle Internet connected television and mobile multitasking. With names like Beth Reilly of Kraft Foods, Edwin Wong, Director of Market Research at Yahoo!; Patrick Albano, VP, Sales of Social, Mobile & Innovation at Yahoo!; and Edward O’Keefe, Executive Producer of ABCNews.com on the roster, this event will explore social apps and the future of TV.

Then head over to our Advertising & Marketing Hub on Thursday, February 16 at 3pm for Harnessing the Power of Social Content for Advertisers. Yahoo! will present their ‘Five Rules for the Next Generation of Social’ gleaned from original research, hands on experience, and advertiser case studies and have everyone talking content.

You can keep up with the Yahoo! team on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to give them a SMWNYC hello.