Spotlight on Wendi Caplan-Carroll, Regional Development Director for NYC for Constant Contact

Yes, we talk our partners up, but that’s only because we learn something new from them every year. With all the emphasis that can be placed on Twitter, Facebook, videos and the like, we can often forget that online marketing must incorporate a very solid email component. And Constant Contact knows that better than anyone else. They have mastered the art of incorporating social and email- just look at our Facebook Page to see their new Social Campaigns tool (and win a Hub Pass!). To help, they set up regional offices, staffed with experts well-versed in the trends and resources in each area. So, we talked with Wendi Caplan-Carroll, Constant Contact’s Regional Development Director, and she shared some valuable insights not just about Constant Contact, but also about social campaigns for small businesses.

Carol, What seem to be NYC’s emerging trends in marketing and how is Constant Contact helping small businesses and non-profits better handle and adapt to them?
The emerging trends that affect the way small business and non profit marketing is done in NYC are not unlike those in any major city with lots of people who want to connect with each other online and offline and have found social media to be the ideal medium to do this.

People want to feel connected to the businesses they patronize and want to be sure they’re getting the best service and products at the best price. That is where social media plays a huge role in facilitating word of mouth whether it’s an online review site, re-Tweet or a thumbs up on Facebook.

Regardless of the volume of online or offline traffic, businesses and non profits can adapt to these trends by viewing interactions with customers as opportunities to engage and connect. If you view every customer interaction as an opportunity to build a lifetime customer relationship you’re already on the path to success.

What will Social Media Week attendees in NYC see from Constant Contact throughout the week?
The NYC attendees are in for some great presentations that were created with their specific organization’s needs in minds. Whether you’re a small business or non profit in NYC, attendees will learn some great tips and gain insight from networking and case studies that will enable them to immediately apply social media best practices to their business.

If you could pick one piece of advice to share with new businesses, what would it be?
Don’t view social media, email marketing and mobile marketing as separate entities. They’re complementary and when integrated, deliver fantastic results on your campaigns.

How is email marketing changing and what is the biggest need for small businesses and organizations in this area?
Since it’s so cost effective, email is one of the first marketing tactics that small businesses and organization use. However, the glut of email we all face every day makes it harder to get through to your target audience. This is why it’s important that your messages are focused on engaging and informing as opposed to marketing and selling.

In your experience, what techniques have been most effective in converging email marketing with social media tactics- and why is this important?
There have been lots of successful techniques and we hear about new ones all the time. Yet one that I find particularly successful is providing exclusive offers to your VIP customers. They don’t necessarily need to be the ones who spend the most money. They can also be those raving fans who direct their family and friends your way. When you thank them for supporting your business through special offers or events, you build even stronger goodwill with them.

The global theme for SMW 2012 is “Empowering Change through Collaboration.” How will Constant Contact be addressing this is its sessions?
In NYC, Constant Contact’s sessions will address the specific needs of the NYC organizations that are looking to do just that– empower change through collaboration. With Engagement Marketing as the platform, attendees will learn from Constant Contact and each other. By the time the week is over, they’ll be on their way to improving awareness and driving even greater results for their business.

We’re sure Wendi has piqued your interest, so hear more during SMWNYC from Constant Contact! Follow the conversation on Twitter with #SMWCC and catch them at these events:

Supercharging Your Love of Facebook Marketing on Tuesday, February 14 at 4:30-6:30pm
at our Social & Environmental Change Hub at Thomson Reuters.

Email and Social Media: The New Rules of Engagement on Wednesday, February 15 at 4:30-6:30pm at our Social & Environmental Change Hub at Thomson Reuters.

Getting Started with Social Campaigns on Thursday, February 16 at 4-4:45pm from the convenience of your computer.