Who’s In Control? Online Expression: Ross LaJeunesse & Rahaf Harfoush

The Internet has always been an instrument of the people, designed to be open and free from the bottom up, not the top down.

Ross LaJeunesse may not be a name you quickly recognize, but it should be. Ross is not only the Global Head of Free Expression and International Relations at Google, but he’s a staunch advocate of an Open Internet. This past December, Ross took the stage in front of almost 200 nations gathered in Dubai to debate control of the Internet at a treaty conference organized by the International Telecommunications Union, an arm of the United Nations.

And who would be better to join Ross than Rahaf Harfoush? Author of ArchiTechs: How to Work, Govern & Learn in a Hyper-Connected World, Rahaf is the former Associate Director of Technology Pioneers at World Economic Forum and cofounded Emerging Women, a non-profit that curates global events to strengthen local and global support systems for women entrepreneurs in emerging economies.

This duo will be looking at how governments around the world are engaging in digital diplomacy and why the cyber space will increasingly be a battle ground for deciding public opinion, something many countries wish to control. Our online lives are increasingly affecting our offline lives. This event will be enlightening for us all.

If you’re a political junkie or just interested in how governments are increasingly addressing the Internet, access and expression, you’ll want to be at the Global HQ on Tuesday for this one.