All Earned Media is Not Created Equal

This week we’re hearing a lot about earned media, ROI, storytelling and brand ambassadors. But is all earned media the same?

Our partners House Party say no.

It’s a bold statement and they can back it up. Friday, they’ll be covering in more detail (and we recommend you check it out here). But to prepare, we think you’ll enjoy their newly released White Paper.

We know that creating experiences is invaluable for brands. It’s not about pushing out content; it’s about conversation and relationships. You hear it every year. But what may get overlooked is that experience-driven social marketing, when properly done, can be the most powerful medium in the mix.

Brands seek out earned media over paid media because it is the most powerful form of advertising. The same should be true for experience-driven advertising. The deeper engagement of in-person brand experiences will ultimately drive stronger advocacy. This leads to bigger and longer-lasting brand and sales lifts. And the better you do, the stronger results.

But it doesn’t stop there. If you have a truly experience-driven social presence, then the rest of what you do is so much more effective- and much more measurable.

“Experience-driven social wins hearts and minds.” House Party has found that experience-driven social can increase favorability by 161%, advocacy by 206%, and purchase-intent by 187%. That’s impressive.

“Experience-driven social opens wallets.” House Party also found that it can increase sales by 10% and ROI by $2, in gross profit.

What’s more, if you do your campaign well, you come out with incredible content, and user-generated content at that. There’s also more opt-ins, feedback and audience feedback. This all goes back to your ROI- and doesn’t let up.

The moral of the story? Create experiences. Download House Party’s White Paper to learn more- then join us tomorrow to engage in a deep discussion around it.