Facebook Paper: This Could Change Everything

Launching last Thursday, Facebook’s new app, Paper, is a curated content application that integrates with the existing Facebook platform in a refreshing way. The app allows users to get news about their friends as well as from the around world, all in one place. When you first log into your Facebook account on Paper, you choose different topics like “Tech”, “Headlines” or “Cute” to decide which content interests you and will appear in your Paper. This re-imagination of the Newsfeed expands the type of content that users can enjoy on the go and may have serious implications for brands and marketers.

image (1)Designed by Mike Matas, the brilliant mind behind the iPhone and iPad’s UI, the UI of Paper is unparalleled. Swipe across the top half of the screen to browse through topics and swipe horizontally at the bottom half of the screen to browse through the specific stories under each topic. Paper creates new avenues for accessing content and makes that content more visual. This app makes it easy to kill a few minutes on the go, reading content that people actually care about.

Currently, 53% of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from mobile, and Paper has the potential to increase that percentage significantly, by selling space for branded content. In a recent interview with Tech Crunch, higher-ups at Facebook admitted that Paper had already completely replaced the Facebook app for them (which could mean that the Facebook app will also be abandoned by their general user-base). We will definitely be following Paper as its mobile-focused platform creates new opportunities for marketers. It may require them to rethink their entire mobile strategy!

Mobile content is an important topic at SMW NYC, and we are excited to hear from our friends at Thrillest, TIME Magazine, Deep Focus, and Facebook in their session, The Future of Content in a Mobile World. We have a feeling that Paper will be getting a shoutout.

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