How to Be More Spontaneous: Curated by YPlan

Some argue that technology has eclipsed our ability to act spontaneously- smart devices have maps that prevent us from getting lost and reviews that prevent us from choosing the wrong menu item. When trying to decide how to spend a Saturday night in New York, there are too many options, making it is easy to be to just stick with what you know: Netflix. However, technology can help us move outside of ourselves to try new things and seek out new experiences.

YPlan is an event app, available in New York and London, that allows you browse through a curated list of events happening tonight in your area. Curation is at the core of YPlan’s success. By offering a digestible number of options and making it easy to pay on your phone, friends can keep the momentum for the night going, beyond the first round of drinks. Maybe you wouldn’t normally go to a comedy club or play, but seeing it on a short list of options makes you more likely to try something new.

We live with an abundance of information at our fingertips that often cripples our ability to make choices and dive into a new experience with an open mind. We believe that we could all benefit from a little bit more spontaneity, but there are some things are worth planning for, like Social Media Week (of course).

Register now for SMW NYC, February 17-21! We realize that  you may feel overwhelmed by the number of amazing events on our schedule, exploring topics like, technology and society, media and entrepreneurship. Inspired by YPlan, we are making some curated lists to help you decide which to attend!

Then, make sure you swing by and say hello to YPlan at SMW NYC’s Campus Pop Up Marketplace.