Social Matchmaking for Startups & Job Seekers

Social technology startups are one of the highest growth verticals in the emerging technology space. So, it’s no wonder there’s a larger focus on startups at SMW this year than we’ve seen in the past.

Companies are looking for the right match of talent and personality. Job seekers are looking for the right blend of security and “Awesome Sauce.” There is no Tinder for job seekers…..yet. But it’s coming. Until then, how can social startups + job seekers = match made in heaven?

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Beyond LinkedIn: Using Niche Social Media Platforms in the Job Hunt
Sure, Twitter and LinkedIn are the go-to platforms for keeping up with news and staying in touch with professional contacts, but have you considered using niche social media platforms to help you get a job?

Startups to Watch in 2014 presented by

It’s imperative to stay on top of new social technologies and startups who are redefining communication. Social Media Week and are bringing together a carefully selected group of startups that show the greatest potentially to break through to the mainstream in 2014.

Where else you can look for credible startup jobs

Aside from attending Social Media Week for panels, POVS, and networking opportunities where and how can you endure your plan beyond the business card/handshake game….which if you’re a social start up, Twitter IS your business card and virtual handshake. In addition to platforms we’ve all come to know and love (i.e., LinkedIn), where else can you find startup job opportunities?

There are hundreds of job postings to read and Meetups to attend, but the most credible early stage startups are on AngelList, whereas more of the mid-full funded startup opportunities are listed opportunities on VentureLoop (syndicated from multiple sources). These sites have company history so you can vet their history, funding status, financial stability, and other team members.

You can also vet these companies via CrunchBase. Any legit startup will be listed on CrunchBase and AngelList— Google them– what kind of press coverage do they have and what’s the general POV on them?

How to get a job at a startup
  1. Startups hire inspired, energetic, creative, and personable individuals.
    Be creative and concise in your attempt to gain their attention (no one has time/or wants to read a traditional CV). Vanilla need not apply
  2. Use data visualization to your advantage
    Create an infographic, one-page scroll website, a custom FB page, or Pinterest board. Or make a video about who you are, your skills, and your experience. Be Different. DO YOUR HOMEWORK, and personalize it each startup you’re approaching. Attach a POV on what you’ve gleaned and what you can bring to the table to optimize their existing efforts and team.
  3. Make sure you have relevant case studies/experience to share on demand.
  4. Be discoverable across social platforms, and make sure your “personal brand” is well represented.
    Most startup founders are active across all social channels. Opening a dialogue with them that way is a GREAT first impression — just be careful what you openly share and be mindful of embargoes
  5. Most importantly: be active in the startup community in your city.
    Set up a Google Alerts for the list of startups your interested in, and pay attention if they are speaking at an event or Meetup. GO THERE! Meet them. Get in front of them and show your personality. Team/personality chemistry is everything.

So if you’re a job seeker, make sure to join SMW and get more tips!

Jess Seilheimer runs a consultancy called Cretegic– your insight-driven partner for a digital world. We accelerate strategic planning into actionable ideas & marketing for brands and startups. She is also the Strategy & Marketing lead for a startup Birdi. Prior, she was the SVP of Digital Innovation and Strategic Planning at Havas.