Tap That App Recap @SMW14 #NYCRewind

Last year at SMW NYC,  MKG had a blast hosting the Tap That App: Get Turned On By Mobile Innovation session. Their panel’s picks were as diverse as the presenters themselves, who represent a variety of industries including tech, design, travel, lifestyle, art and more.

There were so many gems, but between the laughter, dancing, and surprise text messages it was almost impossible to take them all in! Problem solved – our “wrAPP up” below includes all of the favorites that were shared during the session, plus some bonus material…

RASHID ZAKAT: Adjunct Professor, The Art Institute of Philadelphia

Rashid kicked things off with some seriously killer music related apps like Traktor DJ, Jukely, and Keezy (which got the room bumpin’ thanks to Rashid’s rendition of Biz Markee’s Just a Friend). Other apps he enjoys – Timehop and Thinglist.

MATTHEW KNELL: VP, Social Media & Community Strategy, About.com

Matthew kept us on our toes, threatening/promising some tap dancing, while sharing his favorite apps. He’s a fan of Penultimate and loves how Feedly and Bufferwork together. On the more playful side, Matthew enjoys Plants vs Zombies 2 andDots.

JAMIN WARREN: Founder, Kill Screen

As founder of a videogame arts and culture company it’s no surprise that Jamin shared some awesome gaming apps – ThreesStair Dismount and Device 6 – when feeling more productive, he likes Slack.

NEIL BLUMENTHAL: Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Warby Parker

As someone who has no time to spare, ever, Neil shared some awesome apps that he finds useful for de-cluttering and streamlining his days including Pocket,Clear and Waze.

LAUREN AUSTIN: Creative Director, MKG

A self-described “bingo wheel of weird ideas”, Lauren started off with Herps and Purps (decorating fellow panelist Neil with blemishes & black eyes – hot), Coco’s Workout World and Lulu which all proved to be fan faves. Other apps Lauren finds helpful – Whitagram, Venmo & Songkick.


Shantell ended the session with an amazing live demo of her trademark ink drawing and a thoughtful suggestion that sometimes we just need to put down our phones and pick up a pen. But, she has her fave apps too! Pitch Painter,ThicketSnowdriftPaper 53

As a bonus…our very own Digital Creative Director, Dave Brown, hosted the event and wanted to share a few apps he thinks are awesome too: ReporterFlipboard and The Amazing Game of REcollection.

If you missed out on the session, or just want to take it all in again, check out the livestream below. Are you ready to do it all again! Thanks to presenting partners MKG and Crowdcentric, passes for #SMWNYC are now 35% off. Get your pass here. See you in February!