Swipe Right: What Tinder Can Teach Brands

Online dating has redefined romance for the 21st century. One of the most popular entrants to the category is Tinder, a dating app based very much on “looks” and proximity. Tinder’s growth has been meteoric, amassing nearly 50 million users in just two years with no signs of slowing down. In short, Tinder is on fire.  But what’s even more intriguing are the parallels between why Tinder is so successful and how brands could benefit from what Tinder has taught us.

On  Tuesday February 24, join us for an interview between MEC Social Practice Lead, Noah Mallin and Match.com’s CEO, Sam Yagan, where we’ll attempt to peer through the window into the microcosm of human behavior that exists behind the walls of online and mobile dating services and ultimately reveal how marketers can connect with their audiences in a more meaningful way.

We hope the audience will discover that although people share intimate details about their inner most desires on dating services every day, the most intriguing information is that which they offer without ever being asked. Every action they take leaves a trail, which if followed, reveals much more about their true identities than they would guess.

In an effort to keep this session interactive, as people walk in, we will ask them to list a few physical characteristics they look for in a mate. At the end, we will invite them to start swiping on Tinder in the hopes to make a match and compare who they matched to the requisites they offered earlier. Hopefully our session will also help a few people find love at #SMW15!


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