Beyond The Moonwalking Bear: New Ideas In Understanding Human Attention

How does advertising need to change in order to adapt to a fragmented, saturated media culture and a sweeping evolution in how people communicate? The ad industry has discussed ad nauseam by now that it’s tough to get through to distracted, overloaded consumers — we’ve all seen that “moonwalking bear” video that explains human attention, probably multiple times.

We’ve acknowledged that we can’t actually increase the capacity for human attention, and how it’s a problem for advertisers, marketers, and storytellers in our hyperconnected world. So how do we actually apply this knowledge to day-to-day leadership in the industry?

On Tuesday February 24, join Sarah Hofstetter, CEO of 360i, Joe Marchese, CEO of true[x] and Faris Yakob, Principal at Genius Steals, as they examine the problem of attention from a decision-making standpoint.


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