Maximizing Your Snapchat For Storytelling

Have you followed the social media breadcrumbs to Snapchat? If you haven’t heard, Snapchat is a text message-like app that shares pictures, drawings, and video with users for a few seconds before disappearing. It’s fun, quick, and a smart way to engage with a younger audience. Share news, updates, behind the scenes moments, or just say hi to make a lasting connection in 10 seconds or less.

A recent study shows that 77% of college students use Snapchat daily. reports, “Almost half of college-age Snapchat users said they would open a Snap from a brand they’d never heard of, and 73% said they would open one from a brand they did know. Close to 70% of students said they’d even add a brand as a friend if they also followed them on a separate social network like Facebook or Twitter.” That’s great news for brands both large and small.

On Wednesday February 25, join ICED Media’s Greg Littley to learn the essentials on maximizing your Snapchat and how to bring storytelling to the most popular in-the-moment social sharing platform among millennials.

With over 100 million monthly active users and over a billion Snapchat Stories viewed per day, ICED Media will help you leverage your presence on the mobile app.

ICED Media is an award-winning full service digital marketing agency & received the 2013 Shorty Award for Best Brand on Snapchat.


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