Get To Know Generation Z: Marketing’s Next Big Audience

Bob Dylan once sang, “The Times They Are A’Changin’,” and in the world of marketing, truer words have never been spoken. The rise of the connected class, along with the advent of the social web, have made it theoretically easier to reach target audiences but more difficult to forge authentic connections with consumers. This shift is seen most prominently in the ever coveted millennial audience, where conventional approaches to marketing are rendered ineffective and demography-based segmentation strategies prove to be unsuccessful.

This “upwardly mobile” generation of consumers is neither traditional nor monolithic, and in an omni-connected social landscape with diverse curation of cultures, brands must work harder to be culturally relevant, and often come up short. Marketing to the connected class will require a deeper understanding of cultural influence and the role social plays in the spread of products and ideas.

On Wednesday February 25, join Marcus Collins, Executive Director of Social Engagement at Translation, David Arabov,  Founder and CEO of Elite Daily, Jonathon Francis, Founder and COO of Elite Daily, and Mitch Brooks, Senior Research Strategist, Crimson Hexagon to uncover how brands can tap into the dynamic upwardly mobile, millennial audience and benefit from their network of influence. This event will target advertisers and marketers who seek to spread messages, ideas, and products to this coveted consumer.

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Not only will you get to know Generation Z at #SMWNYC, from February 23 to 27, but you’ll hear valuable insights from global thought leaders from every industry.

Get your pass today here, and join us and our partners for what will be an extraordinary week of exploring our upwardly mobile, connected world.