Attendee Spotlight: Jesse Kirshbaum, Founder Of NUE, Shares His Top Picks For #SMWNYC

With a passion for emerging technology, mobile and social media, Social Media Week attendees always strive to understand and share what’s next. This February, we’re excited to explore “Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of The Connected Class” throughout the conference, and what this theme represents from today until 2022, when six billion individuals will be connected to each other online. The sessions you won’t want to miss feature leading companies sharing their top strategies and predictions of what’s happening, and what’s to come.

To help you discover the best of Social Media Week New York, we asked a few of our attendees to share their top picks for events, talks and masterclasses taking place throughout the week. Below, Jesse Kirshbaum, Founder of NUE, a creative music agency, and Co-Founder of SoundCTRL, gives us a look at the events he’s most excited for:

1. VIP Opening Celebration
“The opening ceremony is always a great way to connect with the conference and get acclimated with everything for the week. I get off the plane from my show in Chicago Monday afternoon and I know I’ll catch up with all my friends, colleagues and the Social Media Week illuminati at the opening jump off. So it’s perfect way to kick off the week.”

2. Data on Fleek
“Always interested in hearing more about data. Love ICED Media and the things they do. Name’s on Fleek too.”

3. Harnessing The Power of Hashtags
“Looking forward to seeing if there are any takeaways for Friday’s talk.”

4. Beyond The Moonwalking Bear
“true X Media is killing the game and I love how focused they are on advertising and human attention. Excited to hear what they have to say about this topic and @Faris is a genius! Haven’t seen him in awhile, can’t wait to see what he’s got to say next.”

5. Daybreaker: The Morning Movement
“Love this cultural movement that erupted this summer, and a great way to start the day. Definitely will leave you with some extra pep in your step as you head into the office.”

6. A Fireside Chat with Bonin Bough of Mondelez
“My dear friend Bonin is a true visionary and extremely charismatic speaker and one of the best to ever do it, when it comes to brands and culture. Always excited to hear his latest and greatest.”

7. Is Data The Future of Journalism
“Interesting to see how data is impacting journalism and the way stories are being reported.”

8. State of the Industry: Music Tech 2015 & How To Turn A Hashtag Into A Brand
“The marquee event of the season! I’m kicking things off with a State of the Industry keynote and bringing influential friends to have a conversation about how social media has allowed brands to launch cultural movements.”

Official VIP Closing Party
“Great time for NYC’s digital elite to let their hair down, kick back and groove. Well deserved.”

Get your pass today, and join us and our partners for what will be an extraordinary week of exploring our upwardly mobile, connected world.

About Jesse Kirshbaum

10353427_10154155536960014_5856037284665622947_oFor over a decade, Jesse Kirshbaum has been in the trenches of the music business, specializing in securing talent for concerts, tours and endorsement deals for his various clients and brand partners internationally. He founded NUE (a creative music agency, recently named to Inc Mag’s 500 list as the 3rd fastest growing Media Company in America) to sit at the center of music, brands and technology. He is the co-founder and visionary behind SoundCTRL (, the authority in Music Tech culture, news and events. Jesse is also the executive producer for both the hit digital series #CRWN and The Annual FlashFWD Awards, which honors premiere stars in Music Tech. He sits on the Advisory Board of Social Media Week and Digital Music Wire, sharing a dynamic enthusiasm and passion for shaping the new music business one deal at a time.

NUE: We sit at the center of music, brands and technology, leading the way into the next chapter of the music industry. Recently named to Inc Mag’s 500 list as the 3rd fastest growing Media Company in America. We are the executive producers of the Annual FlashFWD Awards and #CRWN series with Elliott Wilson.

SoundCTRL: The same way we’re on the pulse of finding and developing talent, we’re at the forefront of how music is evolving through technology with SoundCTRL. The #1 destination for premiere and emerging music and technology stars, SoundCTRL is the authority in Music Tech culture, news and events. Dive into op-eds and first-look interviews, behind the scenes looks at start-ups, and much more.