The BuzzFeed Obama Video Has Cemented 2015 As The Year Of The Social Video

BuzzFeed’s viral social video sensation “Things Everyone Does But No One Talks About… Featuring President Barack Obama” is all the proof you need to see that 2015 is going to be the year of the social video.

BuzzFeed seems to know it, and it looks as if Obama was savvy enough to know BuzzFeed knows it.

It’s easy to understand why Obama did the video. He’s slinging signups before the deadline and wanted to reach the biggest audience possible. It says so right in the video description and article subhead. This was a simple call for the Obama Administration considering the reach it was destined to get.

Never mind that it’s obvious clickbait and discount any blowback. Fox News talking head Greta Van Susteran called Obama “tone deaf” and the video “bad taste” when discussing that the video was filmed the same day that it was announced hostage Kayla Mueller was killed while in captivity of terrorist group ISIS.

The same could be said about Van Susteran being tone deaf into how media and politics actually work in 2015. The President does deserve criticism for his timing but the fact is it doesn’t matter what critics think.

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