Hootsuite’s Vision On Brand Love And Community

Hootsuite’s meetup events (Hootups) and brand ambassador programs help them gain global reach with amplification. They empower engaged users to act as brand advocates. Product releases shared with ambassadors drive 200% more engagement and reviews. The Brand Advocates share regional insights, offer product feedback and support in 22+ languages and support their 15,000 registered customers in the Support Forum with 80% response rate. They drive localisation efforts by hosting 200+ events in 62 countries. Hootsuite uses gamification incentives for engaged users to go above and beyond for their brand. Grow the love for the brand by providing your influencers with exclusive content and insights.

Jeanette Gibson, VP of Community and Customer Experience at Hootsuite, believes strongly in getting your employees involved in listening and understanding customer care. Customers say that half of brands are doing a poor job at communicating with them:

  • Build relationships with key members of the community, and each other
  • Nurture customers and develop engagement strategies
  • Add extra value via inspiring, educating, and entertaining customers with thoughtful moderation, relevant content and both online and offline experiences
  • Engage employees to make your brand personal and accessible to customers
  • Deliver insights about your customers and use data to continually improve, grow, and foster your community

In terms of community’s impact on business, it costs 80% less to retain a customer, than acquire a new one. Increasing retention rate by 5% can increase profits by 95% over long term, and increased engagement on community sites can result in 25% increase in revenue.

Run social campaigns to allow your community members to tell their stories. Timely content creates conversation and drives engagement with stories, experiences, and momentum. Inspire your fans by curating experiences and stories that surprise and delight. Allow the community to be the storytellers greatly impacted Herschel Supply business and brand sentiment. The #WellTraveled photo contest gained 480k new Instagram followers, a 60% increase in positive brand sentiment, and provided the community an opportunity to tell their own visual stories.

Dr. William J. Ward, Education Strategy at Hootsuite and Social Media Professor at Newhouse School and Syracuse University, emphasized how employees can build brand love. “52% of customers say they trust employees.” Motivate with purpose, not profits. Mobilize with education and provide the tools. Make sharing content simple and easy and bring employee ideas front and center.

Natasha Shumny (@NatashaShumny), Corporate Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager at Triumph Hotels (@TriumphHotels) Discover Triumph’s seven unique and historic hotels in New York City, each offering a distinct experience inspired by its neighborhood, from TriBeCa to the Upper West Side.