Is Snapchat Right For Your Brand?

I’m obsessed with Snapchat. I check it at least 10 times a day (no exaggeration) to see what my friends, and even certain brands, are up to. But should your brand be on a platform like Snapchat?

ICED Media’s Greg Littley was ready to tackle this important question head-on in yesterday’s event, “Ephemeral Messaging Masterclass: Maximizing Your Snapchat For Storytelling” He explained that Snapchat is the next platform brands should seriously consider, especially if their goal is to create brand awareness. However, that brand needs to be prepared to bring unique and consistent content to the table.

If your brand’s target audience is between the ages of 15 and 25, Snapchat cannot be ignored. Snapchat has 120 million users sending over 700 million snaps a day, which is more than the combined content pushed out on Instagram and Facebook. There are numerous brands on Snapchat creating engaging and exciting content, from Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Taco Bell, and GE to universities like Princeton, University of Michigan, and NYU Stern.

Throughout the masterclass, Greg delivered some key points to help determine if Snapchat is right for your brand:

  • Snapchat is a very powerful tool: it is currently the most personal and direct way to connect with your consumer, simply because your phone never leaves your hand.
  • If you don’t have the means to produce content every day, then make sure your brand can bring a unique storytelling element to the platform when you do post.
  • Make sure you can offer an exclusive experience outside of your other social channels.
  • Is there a secondary story that your brand hasn’t been able to communicate on other platforms? Then Snapchat might be your answer.

Snapchat is not for every brand, but if you have interesting content and want to tap into this intimate community of Millennials, then you should really consider creating an account. So, will your brand be the next to join Snapchat? I hope so!

Erica Santiago is an Assistant Director of Communications at NYU Stern by day and a part-time MBA student by night. You can follow her on Twitter @ericasantiagony