5 Lessons From Storytelling And The Human Interaction

Iris Worldwide’s Creative Director, Lisa Bright, discussed the idea of storytelling and using social media to amplify those stories. Along with comedian Robin Gelfenbien, and The Moth Story Slam teacher David Crabb, they shared with the audience a roller coaster of a story that had us all connected more than when we entered the room.

To bring this session to the business level, we can apply stories to brands:

  • Create empathy
  • One should identify with the brand and what it stands for, and don’t fear vulnerability.
  • Establish trust and loyalty
  • Be interested in your journey, rather than trying to be interesting to others. Your passion will shine through
  • To appeal to humans, you need to be human yourself. Share your story, don’t tell it

I’m Kristine Garcia, and I’m currently a student at Queens College. Social Media is a 24/7 priority for me, so if you’d like see me in action, follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @graciaskristine