29% of Time Spent on All Screens in 2015 Was Spent on Vertical Content

There’s a challenge for advertisers to promote and portray brands in shows, especially as brand exposure is often not aligned with humor. Brands bring a filter to content, and limit the association of the media with only positive ideas about the brand.

The problem is that content creation on mobile and for mobile is intentionally and inherently unshackled by traditional advertising and media culture-it’s the realness of content creators and social media celebrities that grows viewership towards the holy grail of virality. Ian Schafer, founder and CEO of Deep Focus, brought this to light along with his two honored guests: Ricky van Veen, founder of CollegeHumor; and Lisa Weinstein, CEO of Engine Media Group.

The driving force behind this growing concern is that 51% of digital device time is spent on mobile devices, and yet content creation for the vertical screen is only at 29% of all creation efforts. The gap will naturally close, and the catalyst is social media-media that is viewed primarily over mobile.

So what happens to ad agencies? The company that knows the brand best is the creative/production agency, and the recognized detriment of distance between ad agencies and the actual point of content creation is growing as the environment for media distribution rapidly evolves.

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