Marina Maher Communications will host #SMWNYC event on “influencing consumers”

Every day, ideas, thoughts and conversations from millions of people all over the world are shared online. The words they use to express themselves on social media have the power to influence and inform – but they are also the gateways to understanding what motivates your target audiences to try, buy, and tell their friends about brands and products.

Through advanced text analysis of the words and the emotions people use on social, brands have the ability to influence consumers to purchase their products and turn them into vocal brand advocates.

In this session, “Words of Wisdom: Advanced Text Analytics and Strategies that Influence Consumers,” David Richeson, Chief of Innovation and Influence at Marina Maher Communications, will explore the vital role language has in helping brands find new ways into the consumer vernacular, and ultimately into their hearts, minds and purchase decisions.

Social Media Week returns to New York this February 28 at The TimesCenter. Register to attend here before passes sell out, and view more events on our official schedule here.