16 #SMWNYC Events Exploring Today’s Major Social Media Platforms

Today, it seems like social platforms have all the power, and marketers are faced with ongoing challenges of captivating audiences in a never-ending battle of time and attention.

From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Snapchat, and everything in-between, everyday there are changes to algorithms and user behavior that dictate how we reach audiences online and create content for them.

At #SMWNYC, we’re diving into the world of social platforms, and how marketers should navigate these constantly-evolving networks of content, users, and brands. Here are 16 sessions exploring today’s major social platforms at Social Media Week New York.

1. The Pursuit of Meaningful Content (Pinterest)

Get inspired by creative examples that show how brands can move people from inspiration to action on Pinterest, and walk away with new ideas for creating engaging video and dynamic creative.

2. Distributed Media All-Stars: Experts Share Their Viral Content Secrets (Insider)

What do publishers need to know in order to create content that performs well on social, especially video? This session will answer this question, as well as explore what publishers need to know in structuring deals with partner platforms, and how to monetize social video.

3. Breaking Down The Facebook Auction: How To Combat Inflated CPMs and Bigger Budgets to Deliver More Sales In 2017 (Croud)

This session will break down everything from how Facebook auctions work. Learn new approaches to Facebook bid management, creative testing and audience fatigue. Attendees will also gain actionable insights to take away and implement on their Facebook marketing campaigns the next day.

4. The Business of BuzzFeed with Chief Revenue Officer, Lee Brown (BuzzFeed)

Hear from BuzzFeed’s Chief Revenue Officer on how BuzzFeed quickly become a cross-platform, global network for news and entertainment that generates seven billion content views each month and distributes content for a global audience while continuously testing, learning and optimizing.

5. Leveraging Social Platforms Along the Entire Customer Journey (L2)

This event will explain how brands should accelerate and decelerate social investments, how brands can transition from driving brand equity and awareness on social platforms to more bottom-of-the-funnel goals like social commerce and advocacy.

6. Keeping Up With Social Platform Perspectives (Adaptly)

Audiences are becoming more and more fragmented every day. Marketers must understand the value consumers derive from the big five platforms, and this session will dive into this topic. Attendees will gain insight into how users consume content differently (speed, sound-on versus -off, etc), and the approach advertisers should take towards campaign planning.

7. How Hearst’s Prestige Brands Are “Doing the Internet” (Hearst Magazines Digital Media)

From ELLE’s creative and fashion-forward use of live video tools to Esquire’s Election 2016 coverage to Marie Claire’s insane growth on Instagram, we’ll take a look at how Hearst’s titles are harnessing their unique voices and satisfying the rapidly changing social landscape.

8. Don’t Call Snapchat a Social Media Platform (Sweet)

Sweet is the first-ever brand to launch a straight-to-Snapchat Discover publication, covering the best in music, culture and style. In this talk, Ross Clark (VP / GM , Sweet), will speak on the importance of creating a two-way dialogue with conversational content and about future trends of different digital media that have outgrown their early “social” beginnings.

9. Spatial Storytelling with Megan Summers, Global Head of Production, Facebook (Facebook)

In this talk, Megan Summers, who runs production globally for Facebook’s Creative Shop team, will lead a session that explores new storytelling principles and languages in the age of VR, 360 and the Feed.

10. The Evolution of Social Video (Adaptly)

Executives from BuzzFeed, Instagram, and Adaptly will discuss the use cases of newer video formats like vertical video, Instagram Stories, and livestreaming, as well as how to track views and understand video metrics across platforms.

11. Facebook Automated Campaign Management: Let Facebook Do the Work for You (General Assembly)

Get a step by step walkthrough on how to create Automated Rules, discover overall best practices based on your business model and goals, and learn when to pause campaigns, or when to receive performance notifications. This session will help you become a Facebook marketing expert!

12. Masters of Storytelling: How NatGeo Engages 350 Million Fans on Social (National Geographic)

In this event, Rachel Webber (EVP of Digital Products, National Geographic) will share insights and perspectives on how they are leveraging the new tools and platforms to maintain their position as one of the most relevant and inspiring brands in social media.

13. Instagram Killed The Television Star (Crowdtap)

Television as we know it will soon be no longer. This session will forecast the coming phases which will signal the end of Television 1.0, and where advertisers will look next for critical mass. Attendees will also understand the role of celebrities and influencers across the spectrum in receiving the torch, and the massive impact of Live streaming on platforms like Instagram.

14. How The Verge Builds Audiences Across Multiple Platforms (Vox Media)

To be a successful publisher in 2017, it means creating content not just for your website, but for platforms ranging from Facebook to Google, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Vox Media is becoming a leader in mastering social platforms across their suite of brands, and this session will help attendees determine which platforms to invest in, how to grow audiences on those platforms, and how to re-edit and package a story or video to serve those audiences.

15. How BuzzFeed’s Tasty Used An Audience-Driven Approach to Become the No.1 Publisher on Facebook (BuzzFeed)

In less than two years, Tasty, BuzzFeed’s global food network, has published more than 2,000 recipe videos that reach a staggering 500 million people a month. Michelle Kempner (VP, Operations, BuzzFeed) will share BuzzFeed’s test and learn approach as well as digital advantages that helped build the initial and continued success of Tasty and beyond.

16. A Conversation with The Daily Show’s Best F%#king Social Media Team Ever (Comedy Central)

Join Comedy Central’s GM, “The Daily Show’s” producers and correspondents for an in-depth discussion about the daily conversation that happens between the show and its fans on social media.

Social Media Week returns to New York this February 28 to March 3. HQ passes are sold out, but you can still watch the official sessions LIVE and on-demand through our video platform, SMW Insider.